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Bobby Walker, Texas, USA
February 1997

This story is long but worth it...

I lived in a town of about 800 people which I hated so I got into the habit of exploring the countryside and "seeing where the roads lead to"..

I was driving with my windows down and the stereo pounding at the usual level of a 20 year old. I turned a corner and started thinking to myself how beautiful this road was.The trees closed over the road just like in those old English movies.

(this is the hard to explain part) In my mind I suddenly heard a woman's scream. I jumped, that is how "loud" it was. I got the sudden impression that someone was trying to catch my car (I was only going about 10 MPH) on foot and someone behind them was trying to warn me. I "felt" that whatever was chasing me was getting closer. I floored it on the little gravel road that I was on, skidded around the other corner, and (felt like) I just barely got away from it. I felt myself starting get the tunnel vision that you get before you pass out. I was terrified enough to make my mind shut down.

I had always wanted to see a ghost just to prove that it exists. I had held private seances trying to contact spirits and such and have NEVERbeen scared of the supernatural by ANYmeans. I somehow felt, however that whatever was chasing me was very evil, angry, and wouldn't let me leave alive.

I shivered and shook for days but when I finally calmed down enough, I explained to my mother how to get there and the look of the road and said "that was a beautiful place, do you know the name of the road?" She said that she didn't but told me to ask my grandmother since she used to live in that area.
When my Grandmother was asked she told me the name of the road and also said this:

"Strange that you should ask about that road. We used to live right down the street from that area but we had to move."
" why?" I asked, "Just a painful memory, there was a woman that was brought to that area by her new boyfriend. He parked on the very same stretch of road and they jumped the fence and went to have a picnic. He casually revealed to her that he had killed someone and the he had that urge again and had picked her to be next. He made her sit and eat dinner after being told that she was going to be VERYviolently killed soon after. He seemed to delight in the terror he instilled and kept telling her what he was going to do. Sure enough, after dinner he did those things and then killed himself too. The girl held on just long enough for the police to get there and died while telling them not to trust him and to be careful of him. She obviously had no idea that he was already dead and she wanted to warn them."

Bobby Walker, Texas, USA
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