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Dani And The Dollhouse

Addie, Illinois, USA
November 2006

At the age of seven I was moved from my home in Garland Texas to a small town in Illinois by the name of Mechanicsburg. The house in Mechanicsburg was a small three-bedroom house, built on a large piece of land, and surrounded by forest. I had lived there about a year when the four of us children (my two brothers, the boy whose parents owned the home, and I) started to explore the surrounding land.

I, being the only girl and having a leg disability, felt an obligation of sorts to do everything the boys did, therefore, I found myself going through countless patches of dead prairie grass. During one of these "expeditions", I had to stop and rest, naturally, the boys did not wait for me. As I was catching my breath, I saw a small wildflower in the nearby brush. I went to go pick the flower and found myself facing a girl about my age. Being the polite and mannerly young lady I was raised to be, I introduced myself, "Hi! I'm Addie" The girl was a small blonde with the greenest eyes I had ever seen, and she was wearing a white dress with small blue and yellow flowers on it. The girl seemed to respond to my introduction shyly, so I attempted once more, "I like your eyes, they're pretty" she smiled at this and at that point introduced herself "I'm Dani". We then struck up a conversation about several things including dolls. The girl seemed very interested in my dolls; I then told her that maybe sometime if she came to my house she and I could play with them. At this, the girl seemed saddened, "maybe" she said. The girl and I parted ways and I then went home where I told my brothers about the encounter with the girl.

Later that night while my younger brother (whom I shared a room with) was playing video games in my brother's room. I went to play with my favorite toy and saw that my dollhouse had been moved from its place. Upon seeing this, I examined the house closer. On the outside the house had not been touched, yet on the inside everything had been rearranged. Soon I realized a strange resemblance between the arrangements of my house and the dollhouse. I asked everyone in the house about this but no one seemed to remember having touched it, I put everything in the dollhouse back the way it was, but the next night it was rearranged again. This went on and I finally accepted the fact that I was not the only one playing with the house.

To this day, I still believe that Dani was responsible for these strange occurrences. Later I asked my Mom about the incidents and she said it was not uncommon at a young age for my brothers and I to talk to people no one could see.

Later I learned that my family has a long history of extraordinary physic abilities, which makes us more susceptible to spirits.

Addie, Illinois, USA
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