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Dark Haired Visitor

Manitoba, USA
September 1999

This happened when I was a young woman living in my home town of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, on the second floor of a 2 level rental house with my two friends.

I spent most nights with my boyfriend who had moved in on the first floor. One night, I went to "my home" on the 2nd floor where my two friends were having coffee in the kitchen. "Real good trick you played on us here, Lisa" my friend Shelley said with a half-smiling, half-chiding look on her face. "I didn't play any joke on you. I've been with Don (my boyfriend) all day." "Come on, Lisa. Admit to what you did." "I swear, I didn't do anything! What happened?" "When I came home from work tonight," Shelley said, "all the kitchen chairs were leaned up against the table on two legs, and our coats were spread over them. I straightened them out, went out for coffee, then came back home to find the chairs tipped over again."
I insisted I was innocent.

A few days later, Shelley said to me, "Why did you turn off my alarm clock this morning?" Again, I was surprised. "I did not turn it off. Maybe you did it in your sleep?." Shelley shook her head. "No. I remember waking up just when it went off, and this person with dark hair came into my room, shut it off, looked at me and held a finger to her lips, like she was telling me to be quiet." I told her I was with Don that morning. "I saw the person too," my other friend who lived, Kirsten, said. "Me and Shelley thought it was you." Being adventurous girls, we decided to hold a seance.

After we had sat silent for a while, Kirsten said, "I see a coffin, a little coffin that would be the size for a young child." We all started to feel really scared then. It was as if our awareness of this dark haired visitor became more acute. For the next few days, we all avoided going to the second floor. I stayed on the first floor with Don, and Shelley and Kirsten lived with other friends. None of us would go to that floor alone. The only time we went to that floor was to get a change of clothes. Every time we were there, the air felt cold and heavy, like an unseen presence was there; not an evil presence but a sad, lonely one. We couldn't stand living there anymore, so we all moved out.

We never did find out what haunted that house, but we had our suspicions that a very tragic event had occurred there in the past. And, we knew we didn't want to be on the second floor ever again.

Manitoba, USA
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