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Dark Man

September 2001

When I have a nightmare or dream I often see a man dressed in black but I can never see his face. Up until about a year ago I didn't think anything of it.

Let me start by giving some background information because later it will be important.

My room gets really dark at night because it has no windows. And when I say dark I mean pitch black because you can't see your hand in front of your face. I usually sleep with my comforter and a sheet under it. Well anyways one night I woke up suddenly. I looked around because I got that funny feeling that I wasn't alone. To my surprise I was right. I don't how I could see him because it was so dark but there he was at the foot of my bed. I was frozen, I couldn't move nor speak because I was so scared. I tried telling myself it's just a dream, but something about him scared the heck out of me. I couldn't figure out how I could see him. It was like he was darker than the rest of the room. I could tell exactly what he was wearing. He had on all black long coat with a hat. Despite being able to see all this I still couldn't see his face. It was like he was a shadow, but solid. What happened next completely freaked me out.

He reached down and pulled my second sheet from under the comforter and threw it somewhere. I then suddenly jumped, you know the way you do when you're dreaming that you're falling. I looked around and he was gone. I was relieved and thought it was just a dream, but that's when I noticed I couldn't feel my sheet anymore.

I turned the light on and saw it by my closet door at least 5 feet away from my bed. That's when I knew I wasn't dreaming.

Now here is the really weird thing about this. I was telling a couple of friends of mine about what happened and as I was describing what he was wearing one of my friends finished the description for me. Turns out that her and her sister saw the same man before.

I don't who he is but I do know that he's not nice.

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