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Dark Night Visitor

Yersenia, New York, New York
February 1997

My experience is a very scary one...

First let me explain..ever since I was 15 I have seen this black figure standing at the side of my bed periodically. He has always haunted me and he seems as if he wants to cause me pain but I do not let him. It has been 4 years and when I see him he looks like a tall undertaker (you know black hat, no face ,black trench coat) he's always following me around. He does not want me to be happy. I have been living with my boyfriend for a year and I think this got the spirit upset because he has invaded my boyfriend's dreams. He's always causing me to feel chills and I'm always hearing stuff in my brain. My boyfriend and I were fighting constantly when we were in the apartment, I suddenly became violent, like a pure demon. This had my boyfriend concerned so he took me to a spiritualist and she told me that this thing wants to kill me or it wants me never to be happy. He's like a curse. He wants me to be alone so I could be vulnerable. I'm very scared and I'm always waking up with bruises. Like today I woke up with a black and blue bruise on my wrist. I'm really scared. This thing does not leave me in peace.

Yersenia, New York, New York
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