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Dark Visitor

Pennsylvania, USA
May 1999

One day, after school, I went to take a nap in my bedroom. I was a cheerleader and had a big game coming up that evening. My bedroom was in the attic. My room was always a source of comfort to me, so I know this occurrence was not something I imagined.

The headboard of my bed was up against the wall opposite the door. There were two windows on that wall which faced west. There were no other windows in the room. I snuggled down in my bed and dozed off. I woke up with the feeling that someone was in the room. I opened my eyes and saw a figure walking towards me. It was completely black, as if someone had cut a figure out of black construction paper. My first thought was that the figure was my sister. She had this annoying habit of jumping on me and scaring me to wake me up. I glanced at the clock, did the math on how long I had left to sleep. I looked up again and the figure was standing there, looking at me. It was still all black, it was of medium build and had the silhouette of shoulder length hair. I sensed that it didn't know what it wanted to do, but it did not seem in the least bit friendly! Needless to say, I was terrified and had burrowed myself under the covers. The next thing I knew, my alarm clock was going off and I had to wake up. I immediately remembered the dark visitor and I called my sister, she said she was at her house all afternoon. I asked everyone else who could have had access to my room, everyone said that they were not in my room. I know I was not dreaming because math is not my strong point and I was awake enough to do the math on how much sleep I had left.

Later, I realized, being an artist, that in the afternoon/evening, the sun was setting. I had miniblinds on my windows. If that figure was human, and walking toward the windows (and me!) the lines of light from the setting sun would have come through the miniblinds and shined lines of light on the figure. The figure was pitch black.

I still get the willies thinking about it. The dark visitor has never returned.

Pennsylvania, USA
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