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Daughter See's Fathers Soul

Andrea Benz-Fraser, BC, Canada
November 2006

My parents were married for 25 months in July of 1969 and they had been traveling in Kamloops, British Columbia. One night they were driving home to Murrayville in Langley, British columbia. My dad was sleeping and my mom was driving down the highway and suddenly my mom let out this terrible shriek of a scream and woke my dad quite violently from his sleep. He cussed and swore a bit to see what the matter was. My mom was shaken quite brutally and scared. She told my dad, "I have just killed a man!" my dad asked her what she was talking about. My mom told my dad she just hit this man.

A man had walked out of the side of the highway and walked right in front of my parents car, said my mom and my mom felt the impact. They pulled the car over and got out and examined the area. There was no damage to the car at all and there was no blood anywhere. My mom was scared and then they just had no choice but to continue on until they got home. It was late and so they did not phone their parents to let them know they were back. In the morning, my mom went to work at Langley Memorial Hospital and she was greeted by her co-workers with solemn faces. They asked my mom to sign some papers. It was strange, but my mom was compliant. Suddenly my mom asked what the papers were for?. My mom then looked at the people and said "My father died, didn't he?" they looked at my mom and she said it again "You are going to tell me that my dad is dead and he died last night?". Somebody told her "Yes, Sandra."
The time of my mom's terror on the roadside coincided with the actual time of death of my Grandfather hundreds of kilometers away.

Andrea Benz-Fraser, BC, Canada
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