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Dead Calling

New South Wales, Australia
August 2002

Hi, this story I'm about to tell is not about myself. This is about my Uncle Rob and his co-worker Jeff (not their real names). And all of the accounts that I am going to say are all straight from my uncle. So here it goes.

To start off with, this incident happened in the Philippines, in the city of Manila. About 6 years ago, my Uncle Rob, who was a supervisor in one of the meat products company, had a close friend called Jeff. Jeff was also his employee.

One Monday morning, at home, Uncle Rob received a phone call from Jeff saying how ill he was. And that his head was hurting, saying that he's not going to be coming in. Uncle Rob, who is the most tolerant person in the world just laughed at him and joked that he'd probably have one too many beers on the weekend. Jeff too, laughed and said he'll catch up with him.

Anyway, to find a replacement for Jeff for the day, my Uncle Rob called another employee, Al, and asked if he could come in that day as they are short of staff because Jeff called in sick. Al was a little taken aback, kind of stuttered and just said "yeah, sure". My uncle was a bit confused with Al's pausing but didn't think much of it and just rushed out of the house as he was going to be late. (Traffic in the Philippines is really atrocious!)

When Uncle Rob got to work, he passed by Al and thanked him for making it on time to replace Jeff. Al went all white in the face and just looked at him weirdly he mumbled another "yeah, sure" and got himself busy with work.

Anyway, after checking out some things with the meat processing and safety regulations, my Uncle went into his office, taking notice that everyone in his division was quiet. Seeing as it IS Monday, and no one really wants to get back to work on the first day of the working week, he dismissed it. And actually recounting that it's probably quiet because Jeff is the clown in their division and his absence only made it more obvious.

Around lunchtime, my uncle's secretary, Joan, came in the office, looking solemn, asked him if he was ok. My uncle thought this weird because his secretary was not the maternal type and is not one to worry but he just replied that he was fine. She then told him that Al told her that he was acting funny. My Uncle laughed and actually joked that it's probably because he seemed relaxed after his weekend in the country, and proceeded to tell her of the countryside. Now, Joan too, like Al, turned white as sheet. Uncle Rob noticed this and asked what was the matter. Joan then finally opened her mouth and said, " You didn't hear did you? You didn't hear because you were in the country?" as if talking to herself. My Uncle then, demanded to know what he didn't hear, and he was getting really annoyed. Then Joan told him that Jeff is dead.

Now, imagine your life stopping. My Uncle said that's what happened that day, for a minute, his life stopped and the world was just in the background. Then my Uncle told Joan that that is impossible. "He just called me 4 hours ago telling me he wasn't going to make it to work. That is why I had Al take his place today." Joan at this point sat herself down and looked at my Uncle. "What did he say?" she whispered. "He said he had a headache and that he wasn't coming in." my Uncle replied still shaken. He too, sat back down on his chair. He then asked Joan to explain to him what had happened.

Apparently, Joan said, Jeff went to the pub on Saturday night, and walked home drunk and was, as witnesses said, swaying all over the road. Now, Filipinos are used to the sight of a drunk and is not a major spectacle, so they didn't pay much attention to him. Then, just out of nowhere, a speeding 4-wheel drive rounded up the corner and hit him? and the impact crushed his skull. This all explains why Al and Joan were confused, as to why my Uncle kept talking to them, referring to Jeff, as if he was still alive! When in fact, he's been dead for 2 days, and the news spread to everyone except for my Uncle.

So that is my story. Well, my Uncle's story, but I thought I'd share it with you because it still gives me goose bumps till now!

New South Wales, Australia
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