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Dead Friend?

Harry S. Lovell, Illinois, USA
February 1997

Iwas walking late one night in October just before Halloween. It was dark and I was walking up a big hill where I live. It has nothing but hills. I had an eerie feeling that someone was watching me and following me, was it my imagination? or was it just a weird feeling? I turned around and I saw what I believe was a ghost, it was cloudy looking, it had a form of a dead friend of mine that had died about 15 years ago. Was it my imagination or what? I walked towards it and it just disappeared right before my eyes. I stood there a few minutes and then went on my way to my mothers house. There was no one home but there was a light glow in the window so I unlocked the door and went in and to my surprise there was my Grandfather and Grandmother that have been dead for years they looked at me and smiled and disappeared. It happened in just a flash, and never has happen again. Was it my imagination or was it to tell me to have a happy Halloween?

Have a happy Halloween every one and may the spirits be with you.

Harry S. Lovell, Illinois, USA
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