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Dear Diary: 15 Days of Horror

Katie, CA, USA
June 2005

These are the true events that occured to me and my family throughout the last 6 months of 2004. These are my actual diary entries of what happened:

October 1st
Dear Diary,

Today we moved into our new house! Finally! It took us a few hours to move everything in but we finally finished. This house is so big compared to our other one. You could almost get lost in its 3 floors!!! Anyway, right now I'm laying on my bed while the furniture guys move everything in. Hehe. I decided to put my bed in the corner, next to the window again. Papa says its bad for you, but I don't care. I like being next to a wall, I feel safer. Gotta go! Bye!

October 2nd
Dear Diary,

I don't wanna write this down but I'm going to. Last night I was in bed watching Thats So Raven. I was just laying there trying to fall asleep but a sudden heavy feeling came over me. I closed my eyes really tight. I felt like someone was watching me. I pulled the covers over my head, pretending I was asleep. Then the doorknob turned but the door didn't open. I sat up, really surprised! I figured mom would be really tired since yesterday was so hectic. See, sometimes when she can't sleep she'll come and wake me up and we watch tv together. So I jumped out of bed and opened the door, expecting to see the hall light on and mom on the couch. No one was there. The lights were off. Everything was silent. I ran to her room and was surprised (again) to see my sister on the bed and the light on. They were talking.

"Why did you come to my door?" I asked

"You didn't turn your doorknob? We thought you did it." My mom said.

My sister started to get freaked out.

"NO! You didn't do that??! Ugh." I sighed.

Our houses had been haunted before and it seemed to follow us. I went back to bed with the lights and tv on. Now I'm here writing this, its around 8:00. I think its back.

October 3rd
Dear Diary,

Nothing happened yesterday. Phew! Mom suggested that maybe it was the cats who turned the doorknob because it was really loose. I hope so.

October 4th
Dear Diary

Something creepy happened earlier today. My window faces the street and I was looking out, observing people quietly. I pulled away from the window so I could see my reflection. But when I looked it wasn't me. It was a dark face, barely visible. It smiled, showing red, shining, sharp teeth. Then it licked its lips. I pulled back, horrified. I ran out of my open door and told my mom. She didn't believe me. She never does. I didn't go back in there all day. I even slept on the couch lol. Maybe it was my imagination. I do have a wild one. Yeah. Maybe it was...

October 5th
Dear Diary,

It definitely wasn't my imagination. Last night I slept on the couch with a whole bundle of covers. I turned the tv on and tried to fall asleep to Room Raiders. I closed my eyes and slowly went to sleep...almost. Just as I was about to sleep, I felt the cover being pulled off of my feet. The cold hit my feet and I turned over trying to ignore it. Yeah right. I've read tons of ghost stories and its seems no one is afraid. Well I was. All the time. I'm horrified that I might see something or hear something I don't want to. Whenever something happens my heart stops and I stop breathing. Thats exactly what happened. I cuddled under the covers and prayed and tried to focus on the sounds from the tv instead of my heavy breathing. Just as I relaxed a little it happened again. Something was trying to pull the covers off of me! I held them tighter, prayed harder, and choked down a scream. Suddenly I lost my grip and my head was exposed. I closed my eyes and huddled myself in a ball and screamed as loud as I could. My mom came running and whatever it was went away and stopped tugging. She stayed on the couch with me until I fell asleep. I don't know what I'm going to do if this keeps going on. I might have a heart attack! If it doesn't get me first. *shudder*. I'm going to sleep now. Hopefully I'll be safe tongiht. Bye diary.

October 6th
Dear Diary,

Things are getting worse. Its following us. Today during breakfast mom cut her finger while cutting strawberries. She wiped the blood off on a paper towel. It created one blog of blood. Gross. But then the blood started to run down the paper towel. I stood back, completely motionless. It slowly formed a word. "GET". Mom had dropped the paper towel on the ground and stood still, letting the blood from her finger drip. It formed another word, quicker this time, "OUT". I screamed and kicked the paper towel under the dining table, splattering the blood. Mom picked it up and threw it in the trash. We just went back to breakfast like nothing happened. I think we should leave. But I don't think mom is going to. I hope this all stops. Its getting worse. I'm scared Diary. I wish you could protect us.

October 7th
Dear Diary,

Things are getting really bad. I'm extremely scared now. I'm writing this at Amy's house. She said I could stay the night after I told her what had been happening at my house. Here is what happened today:

I was in my room doing my makeup. All of it was in a huge circle on my floor, surrounding me. I was doing my mascara and looking into the mirror when suddenly my eyes changed. I was looking into my eyes, doing my eye makeup and suddenly they became red. Bright, bright red. I jumped back and covered my eyes. Rubbing them franticly. When I opened my eyes a girl was looking at me. She was the one from the window. I screamed and jumped up as she pointed her finger at me. I ran frantically out of my room and called Amy. I waited outside the house until she came for me. I'm really scared now. Everyone is still at the house, Mom and sis. I need to talk mom out of living here. Its dangerous. Sis has been really anti social since we moved here. She doesn't even talk anymore. She is always in her room laying in bed. Reading a blank piece of paper. I don't know what to do. Diary, what do I do??

October 8th
Dear Diary,

I came back home today and things are reaching a peak. I got into a fight with mom and told her that we needed to move NOW! She didn't listen. SHe never does. So I escaped into the tub where running water would save me. I turned on the water and closed my eyes, letting the warmth take over. I took a deep breath, expecting to smell my favorite candle but instead I smelled something all to familiar. Blood. I opened my eyes and the water was deep red. I flew out of the tub grabbing a towel and ran into the living room. I was shaking and crying and screaming. Blood was running down my fingers and legs and my face. We are going to a hotel tomorrow night. We are putting the house up for sale next week.

October 9th,
Dear Diary

I'm in the car right now. Something else happened. The worst yet. We have a sun roof on in the living room of the first floor. So we were watching tv around 3 this afternoon and it was raining loudly outside. The commercial came on and I lay down on the floor and looked up at the sun roof. I liked to look at the sky and rain. But when I looked up the rain was black. And it wasn't moving. It was like tar. IT was building up. Then it started to leak through the sun roof. Onto the floor. A ran away from the spot where I was laying. Within a few seconds a large puddle had formed. I wasn't breathing or moving, neither was mom. Out of the puddle came a hand. It was deformed and green and almost moldy like. I screamed for my sis and grabbed the car keys. Mom followed me. In only a few seconds we were in the car, driving to the Motel 6. So here I am. I don't know what is going on there but I'm really scared. No. I'm terrified. I'm so glad we left. The terror almost killed me. Haha. I'm finding it hard to laugh right now, but its easy to write. We are at the hotel now. I'll write later.

October 10th
Dear Diary,

We are staying in the Motel 6 this week. We are planning on staying with Auntie May while the house is put up for sale. The neighbors agreed to get our stuff for us. We have to pay them too though. I don't know what would have happened if we stayed there. I'm glad I don't know though. I think maybe the stuff will stop now. I hope. I don't know what we can do though. We've moved 3 times already. We were lucky to get out alive this time. I could feel that whatever that was wanted us gone...dead. God help us.

Those are my diary entries from those 10 days. I wanted to share them with everyone. Those events were truly terrifying. We have moved again and nothing has far. I hope nothing else does, because this time we might not be so lucky.

Katie, CA, USA
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