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Dear God He's Too Young To Die

Alicia McWilliams, Illinois, USA
April 1999

My family always tell me about my great aunt, Velma. My Grandmother told me that while she was pregnant with my mother she continued to see her dead sister, Velma.

Velma always would appear to my grandmother during the evening like 5:00 or later. When my grandmother was in her ninth month of pregnancy Velma appeared more often then usual. One night Velma appeared with a sad expression on her face. My Grandmother didn't know what that sad expression meant but soon found out. Later that night my Grandmother went into labor. The nurses then told her that she would be having twins. The first baby came out healthy and strong (my mother). Then the second came out healthy too. This was soon to end.

One baby was a female and the other was a male. Days later the male baby became very sick. He had a high fever. And his fever continued to rise. My Grandmother was determined to take her baby to seek medical attention the next morning. After waking up the next morning she went to check on her sick baby to discover him dead. She grieved and cried for a long time! Later that day Velma appeared to her and said "you are really worrying me" and disappeared.

So that means that my Grandmother's sister predicted her baby's death. Well that baby that didn't die is my mother, Velma McWilliams and I thank God for my loving mother. And My Grandmother is Annie McWilliams who will be 86 in July. My uncle says he still sees aunt Velma. I wonder if I'll ever see her?

Alicia McWilliams, Illinois, USA
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