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Dearly Departed

T.P.Martin, Perth, Western Australia
February 2005

My Nan,(My Mother's Mother), collapsed into coma a week before my upcoming birthday,(which is 4 days before Christmas), and died the day before I turned 17.

Christmas came and went in blur of sympathetic hugs and tinsel and I found myself finally asleep after the longest week of my life.

It was the day before my Nan's Funeral service and I wasn't looking forward to it. I must have been asleep for only 5 hours before waking with a start. I found myself wide awake in the darkness of my room. Before turning on my bedside lamp I glanced at my clock. It was exactly 4 in the morning. As I sat up in bed I heard something muffled from outside my window. I couldn't make out what it was so I got out of bed and walked slowly towards the drawn curtains. As I drew near the window, I managed to make out the noise. Clearer than day I made out what seemed to be a woman's voice, repeating the following words over and over again;

'Traci and Aimee, it's Nanny, Traci and Aimee, it's Nanny' etc...(note; Aimee is my sister).

I stood there listening for what seemed an eternity before I backed towards my door in tears. I remember speaking to what I believed to be my Nan, asking her to leave me alone. (I wish that I hadn't but I was freaked).
As I neared my door I heard the urgent scratching of my cat. I quickly opened my door to let her in and upon doing so she ran into my room, jumped on my bed and sat upright facing my window.

Once I had calmed down a little, I listened again for the voice but all I could hear were the first birds of morning.

I don't remember falling asleep again but the next thing I remember was sunlight pouring into my room.
Racing out of bed, I ran into my Mother's bedroom to tell her of the previous nights occurrences. After rambling off my story rather excitedly to her, she countered me with her own, which took place in her bedroom, at exactly 4 in the morning.

T.P.Martin, Perth, Western Australia
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