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Elisa, Puerto Rico
April 2004

As many people may know, there are a lot of superstitions about death or the coming of it. At least here in Puerto Rico there is a superstition that when a huge moth is seen at daytime that death is near, also when you hear dishes breaking or commotion in the kitchen while nothing is going on also means that death is near. My mom and I have experienced both activities in different occasions.

When my mom's best friend was very sick because of breast cancer she heard the clattering of the dishes in the kitchen, at first she got a little freaked out because she woke up because of it but she fell asleep again. About a week later she woke up again but hearing her friend's voice calling her. The next day her friend died in her house. The day after she died we went to her house to see her family and inside the house, in broad daylight was the biggest moth resting on her kitchen.

My experience was when the death of my great-grandmother was getting near. She was getting very sick and was losing control of her body. One night I was watching TV and it was about 3 AM in the morning. I then heard all that commotion in the kitchen and I went to see if it were my cats getting in trouble again. To my surprise everything was in its place and my cats were nowhere near the kitchen. I went back watching TV and thought of a relative dying but I really didn't pay much attention to it. About 3 days before my great-grandmother's death I saw in school a huge moth in broad daylight resting on a wall.

Maybe to some people it might be coincidence, which is what sometimes I like to think, but they're also the days when I believe that its meant to happen, like today.

Elisa, Puerto Rico
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