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Death of a Doctor

Eguer Roque, Florida, USA
February 1997

My story is a bit unusual. I knew that there was something wrong with my house when I first moved in only a few days before the famous Hurricane Andrew. The day after the hurricane I felt a strange presence walking into my parents bedroom. The feeling was an unusual coldness in the area before the actual bedroom. The few days without light on my neighborhood my grandmother would see a man watching us by the trees in my backyard, she would even see the strange spirit walking in the house as she would be drinking her chicken soup. My English teacher was the one who actually lived in the house before me, his name was Mr. Tony Dennis.

He wanted us to tell him about our hurricane experience and how we dealt with it. After I was done with my story he had to talk to me about what happened. He told me that he would see the same spirit walking around his house at that time. He said the person that actually haunts the place was a doctor that once lived in the house when it first was built. His name was Edward, a doctor at a local clinic. He looked back at the newspapers from that year and it stated that he was murdered by his secret lover, a cross dresser prostitute named Stefen or Steve Villatorro. My teacher read that the prostitute went home with him and killed him out of jealousy. The place where he actually died was in the same place I always get chills when I walk by. I do not know why but my grandmother is the only one that can see his silhouette around the house and when she looks out of the window into the back yard.

Eguer Roque, Florida, USA
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