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Death Walkers

Christy, Utah, USA
March 2002

I have heard various stories involving death and funerals, it wasn't until several years ago that I learn to believe such an experience could be more than fiction.

My mother had gotten a phone call telling of her sister's death. Early the next morning we set off for California to attend her funeral. Upon arrival at the house of my aunt all was as it is to be expected in the home of a grieving family. We all sat around that day discussing my Aunt's life and the memories she had left behind.

We planned that night to stay at the house and go to the funeral the next morning. My newly wedded sister and her husband took the available bed in the loft while my mother and I camped out on the floor down stairs.

An hour after settling down for the night I lay pondering all the events to come when I heard a light creak on the stairs. Being in a new place it startled me enough to make me glance over. (I only wish I had kept my eyes shut).

There through-out the room were these large black figures moving in slow sweeping lines up and down the stairs. What I remember most about them was the void like darkness as though their very being was sucking all of what little light there was in the room. Frightened to the core, I watched them, unable to look away. It wasn't until the chime of the cuckoo clock brought me out of the trance that I was able to shut my eyes and pray for morning, which seemed to take it's sweet time coming!

After all the formalities of the funeral were over I pulled my sister aside, curious if she had witnessed the evil scene. I asked her how she had slept and she instantly went white. From what she had told me the night procession had awoken her as well. She said she also woke up to the stairs creaking and saw the unearthly figures coming up the stairs past the foot of her bed, walk into the bathroom then come out the same way. Word for word she had described the upper view of the same thing. We decided we didn't want to stick around another night to see if it happen again and convinced our mother to get a hotel.

A year later at a family get together we asked our mom if she had seen or heard anything that horrid night. She told us although she had not seen anything she heard strange movement on the stairs but chalked it up to other grieving family members unable to sleep.

Since then I have had other unexplainable things happen in my life but I still relive this night frequently in my dreams.

Christy, Utah, USA
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