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Robby Payne, South Auckland, New Zealand
July 2006

I am what you would call a sensitive person when it comes to the paranormal. Since I can remember I’ve been able to sense/see the other side. I’m not quite good enough to communicate with them, they can give me messages but for the life of me I have no idea on how to sit and have a conversation with them. Anyway, on to my story.

Last year, my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to go on a holiday to Hawaii and stayed in a beautiful hotel, I won’t include the name of this hotel to keep them anonymous.
We stayed in one room for the first night with my Girlfriend's younger brother in the newer part of the hotel until her parents joined us the following night when we would get our own room in the oldest part of the building.
That first night was fine, I could sense something small here and there, but nothing that told me 'they' were near to me.
The next night we got our own room and the moment we jumped in the elevator to go up to our floor I could feel something wasn’t quite right.
We also made the mistake of taking the elevator that would have us walking through the scariest hallway I've ever had to walk through in my life. This hall can be seen from the hotel's main entrance, it runs above the doorway, and from the moment we arrived to stay there I could feel things running across that hall, from left to right, then back again.

The feeling of something being around became more intense as we entered our room, though I never saw anyone the whole trip I could definitely feel an entity around.

The first experience we had we sort of just fobbed off as it wasn’t too big of a deal, but it sort of supports my decision as to who this ghost was so I'll relay it to you anyway.

I am a pig of a person when it comes to going to bed, i.e. I’ll just kick off my shoes, throw my clothes in a corner, jump into bed and worry about it in the morning. So I did this, as usual, but in the morning, when I awoke and looked over towards our entrance to the room, all my shoes including the pair which I had just kicked off the night before in different directions were placed neatly in a line against the wall? I’m shivering just relating this to you. We sort of had a chuckle about this and carried on about our daily business of shopping, shopping and more shopping.
A couple of nights later we had a dinner date with my Girlfriend's parents so spent the day lazing in bed as we were all shopped out, now keep this in mind for later on, we had refused room service that day as we thought it a waste of time making our bed as we were just going to spend all day in it anyway. I know guys, lucky me. Needless to say, our room was in a bit of a state (clothes on the floor, and all over our table, bed unmade, etc?.) but we thought we would leave it like this and worry about it after our date. We got all dressed up and we joined our dinner dates downstairs.
After we had ordered dinner I decided to excuse myself up to our room to change shoes and get a new shirt as I just wasn’t feeling right in the ones I had on ( I know, how feminine of me, but for a guy who owns 20 pairs of shoes no joking, this is a regular occurrence for me).
I quickly changed and threw my shirt I had removed on the floor and left as fast as I could as I didn’t like being in that room by myself and with it being dark it intensified this feeling of not wanting to be in here.

I returned to our table and we went out to a club later that night and had a great time. Upon returning to our room we got the shock of our lives!
Remember we had said no to room service earlier that day, and I had left the room around 8:00pm in the same horrid state it was in but when we had returned at around 11:00pm our room had been completely cleaned from ceiling to floor. Our clothes that had been thrown here and there were folded and neatly placed in a pile on one of our tables seats, our bed was made and the shirt I had decided against wearing and thrown on the floor was neatly pressed and placed on our freshly made bed!
We thought maybe room service had cleaned up our room anyway, but found this weird as what hotel provides room service that late at night? And our sheets had not been changed, just tucked in nicely?
Weird huh?
I got the feeling while staying in this room that our ghost was maybe a worker for that hotel who had decided not to leave and stuck around doing what he used to do while he was living and didn’t like the way we left our room? Who knows?

Thanks for reading.

Robby Payne, South Auckland, New Zealand
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