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Deep Freeze Baby

Gretchen, Texas, USA
June 2000

My family and I recently moved into a new house. We had been there about a month when strange things started happening. I would put my keys on a hook by the door, just to have them hidden the next morning. I would lock doors at night and they would be unlocked the next morning. I even had my 2 year old son leave the house through 2 dead bolts and a sliding lock. When asked what he was doing in the parking lot at 2 in the morning, he said over and over "play, Mommy... play...". I eventually had to put a gate up outside my door. I wasn't as freaked out by this until I started "SEEING" him.

The first time I saw him, I thought it was my son, but he was a little taller, and when I demanded he return to bed, he was gone. I got up and went into the dinning room where I had seen him. (it was late, and I was in bed.) The room was cold and I looked around only to find the upright deep freeze (we bought it around the same time I found Trea in the parking lot.) wide open. I checked on my kids, and they were both asleep. After that I've seen him regularly. Never close enough to see his face.

I started to have these thoughts that when I open the freezer Trea would be in the bottom of it. Then one night I dreamed that I found my son in there, I was scared and went to check on them, and found the freezer door open. My kids were both in bed, but I was still shaken. My husband wanted to go to a motel, but we stayed. I decided to lock the freezer door, and the key was nowhere to be found. I later found it with my car keys, but never remembered putting it there.

I am the only one that has seen him, but I have had company over that heard him in the cabinets, and running in the hall. I still see him, and everyone hears him in the kitchen, but thankfully, he's left the freezer alone. I would just like to know one thing, why did he just show up, and why did I start having dreams of my son in the freezer?

Gretchen, Texas, USA
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