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Demon Dog

May 2006

About four years ago I had a strange experience that I can only describe as a demonic apparition.

I was driving, with my mother in the car towards my grandparents on a modern highway with four lanes, two in each direction, and a center turn lane. This is our primary route into my grandparents town and it has been driven by us in all kinds of weather during the day and night and never before or since have we had this experience.

As we neared the town limits there was one of those mega car dealerships on the right side of the road and a dark field to the left. Just past this dealership was a red light with several gas stations. The road itself is not lit but the dealership's parking lot flood lights spill over to the road. Passing in front of the dealership Mom and I were discussing religious beliefs, specifically beliefs that anything is possible though faith but if one believes in god's supernatural ability you must also believe Satan has similar powers. Just then I noticed a large black dog cross from left to right (towards the car dealership) in front of my car. It just streaked into my headlights, not having time to swerve or brake I immediately thought of the pending impact but there was none. Both mom and I had seen the animal because our conversation came to a quick halt even if the car did not.

Looking in mirrors and out windows there was nothing on the road behind us nor in the patch of grass between the road shoulder and the dealership. Now I was traveling in the right lane but my front bumper was almost even with the rear bumper of a Winnebago truck going the same direction in the left lane. Not only was it mysterious where the dog had gone but how could it get in front of my car with that truck traveling just ahead of me (we were both going about 55MPH)?
The only explanation we could come up with was the dog was some sort of demonic spirit confirming our previous conversation.

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