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Demonic Scars

Anonymous, TX, USA
June 2017

I was about three or four years old but my older brother confirmed my suspicions when I noticed small bruises or scratches that appeared over night. My bedroom door was usually locked but he said that whenever he went to check on the pups my door would open quietly and he would see a dark figure disappear into my room. By the time he was on his way back I was sitting up in bed crying for our mom and saying I was hurt. They would check my body and sure enough there were bruises and scratches covering my back. One was so deep that by the time it healed it was just a giant cross shaped scar on my back.

It got worse when it was just me and my brother. I could be in the living room and recovering from that night's attack and I would be shoved onto the hardwood floor on my back. I looked up and there was a demon shaped figure leaning over me. I screamed for my brother and continued to point and scream until he got there. He looked up to where I was pointing and said there was nothing there. But there was something there and I couldn't not stop crying.

My parents hired a priest to come and cleanse the house and at the same time he baptized me. When he flipped me over to look at the marks on my back he poured holy water on it. I sat in his lap and was screaming for him to stop the burning. When it was over the air in our house felt lighter and I personally felt better. It is an memory I will probably carry to my death. I still have nightmares about the attacks and what I had seen.

Anonymous, TX, USA
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