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Demons Do Exist

Kana Miyoshi, NJ, USA
March 2006

Note: My name is Kana, and I have always been able to see things that others don’t, such as spirits and ghosts. I see them quite often, friendly and unfriendly ones, and they appear like faint holograms. There, but not there at the same time. And they are visible only for an instant. My best friend/boss Ryan Callaway is a horror writer who has experienced some rather creepy things in the past. Unfortunately, I was a part of two of these rather eerie incidents. Soon enough he'll be submitting another story of something that happened to him prior to us meeting - but in the meantime, here goes...

Ryan and I tend to hang out well past 12 a.m. Since we work so much during the afternoon it's really a part the only free time that we have. During the middle of July, we went to hang out at a park three blocks away from my house. Fortunately, we took the car with us. Now, the park really consists of two areas. There's a playground section for children, and then a massive field, which is surrounded on both sides by trees. Towards the end of it, the field is more narrow and there are huge trees in the center of it.

During the daytime it's a relatively peaceful place to be. At night there is a yellow-orange streetlight that adds a surreal appearance to the roughly thirty square feet that it illuminates. It wasn't creepy until the one night we decided to go there to take pictures for a project I was doing. For some reason it just felt different that night. The light somehow seemed very alien, almost mystical.

The first thing I noticed was that orbs were showing up in the pictures (I wish I still had them but there's a good reason why I don't, which I will get into later). They were especially swarming around and right in Ryan. They have shown up in photos since then and even before - but there were only one or two in those photos. That night, there were dozens. I showed them to Ryan but he decided that we should brave it out, and didn't think we would be harmed. But then we both started to feel as if there was something watching us from the surrounding forest. Something dark.

However, we continued to take pictures anyway and at one point, when I was about to raise the camera up to my face, I saw another orb. Only with my own eyes and not the camera. It was a shadow, so black that it stood out even against the darkness of our environment. It was floating maybe three feet off of the ground and was about six or seven feet in height. There weren't any distinct features and the only way I can describe it is as an oval-shaped black mass. It was floating from near Marc directly towards me. With it came an almost terrifying feeling. Like a cold chill down my spine and a heaviness in the pit of my stomach. I'd heard of other people experiencing such feelings, as has everyone, but you really don't know it until unless you've had it.

After a few seconds it disappeared but I was so freaked out. I told Ryan that I really want to leave. We did. But as we were driving away I still felt like it wasn't over. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I looked to Ryan and asked him if it felt like...
"like something followed us?" He finished my sentence for me, which only heightened my own fear. It felt as if we weren't alone in the car. Even though the back seats were empty, we could feel the presence of something evil. It lingered with us until we prayed over the car, and then sat in a church parking lot to pray again. Finally, it faded, but we have not been to that field at night since then. And we were always inside before 1:30 am. No matter what, until Ozz-Fest was over. It turned out that there were shows in Jersey and very near to the town we live in. Not to start a religious debate, but we all know of the things that are said to go on there dealing with Satanic rituals. Many of the bands playing openly admit such things and wouldn't be offended at me stating this. So we figured that some of the rituals had caused the sudden appearance of these dark spiritual beings.

Life was relatively normal until mid-September. He is staying over my house during the weekend (I live with my parents) and we slept in the basement. It's finished, complete with a T.V., rug, computer, and everything. I have a nice room but the basement is my dwelling place at home.

Ryan was about to start work on a short story that he had come up with years ago. He found a new meaning for it that he planned to really highlight during the story. I won't go into details but, let's just say that it's an idea that we know God motivated him to write. So obviously, a certain someone wasn't too fond of this idea. As he is working on the characters, I suddenly get a bad sense that a spiritual attack is impending.

Seconds later, we both end up with that eerie feeling again - the hair on the back of our necks standing up, and that chill up the spine. I'd describe it as saying that it feels like there's nothing but empty space behind you. Even if you are in a chair. And someone or something is staring right at your back. We both felt that we were surrounded by dark spirits. Ryan can't see them, but there are dark shapes and orbs floating all around. Some orbs are just people who have passed on, but you could literally feel the hate, and the evil intentions emanating from these ones.

Ten minutes after I told him that I felt the attack coming, my Dad opens the basement door. He asks if we had been expecting anyone, and we weren't. I ask why and he says that the dogs (we have two Pekingese dogs) were barking out the front window (a big window in the living room). We have blinds there and they were closed so he couldn't see what it was. However, someone knocked at the door. My Dad went to see what it was, and when he opened the door - of course, no one was there. He said it happened about TEN minutes ago!

Ryan began the story and was 19 pages into it when the computer crashed one day. He hadn't saved it onto anything else but the hard drive and it was gone. Along with all of our other files and those photos. The last "incident" happened in December. Ryan was motivated to begin writing the story once again. I needed extra money for school and took up a newspaper delivery job. Ryan came along every night to help me. We split up the workload evenly. This consisted of waking up early in the morning, about 2:30 or 3:00 a.m., picking up 130-160 papers from the department, folding them up, bagging them, and then delivering. We had this for about two weeks when Ryan really starting getting into his story again.

Once again, I sensed that the spirits and demons would be coming after us. They did. Now, I have noticed that many stories on these pages deal with people waking up in the middle of the night... specifically around 3 a.m. This is the time that we set our alarm clock for. However, it never went off at three... but instead always at 3:30 or 4. When we rented Emily Rose, and learned that 3 a.m was the bewitching hour - when the characters were haunted by evil spirits - we started setting the clock for 3:30 permanently. We think that good spirits stopped the clock from going off at 3 to protect us from whatever was outside at that time.

Towards the end of December, Ryan is once again really advancing in the short story. (for him, by the way, a short story is 60 pages) We go out to deliver that night and immediately we were met by that feeling. At first it wasn't too strong but then things start happening. We would see shadows in the shape of humans that disappeared immediately. I personally saw a bunch of spirits out that night, and I did not get a positive feeling from them. Some of them were orbs, and others were people dressed in black. Like I mentioned earlier, I only see them for a few seconds and they appear like faint holograms. They watched us while we delivered and really creeped me out.

Then, when we were both walking back to the car after delivering by foot on one street - two things happened. I was walking down a ramp towards the car when something grabbed my hair and pulled up. It wasn't forceful but I didn't care. I screamed and turned around but nothing was there... nothing visible at least. Ryan himself was jogging towards the car, looking paranoid. I told him what happened, and he informed me that he had been walking towards the car when he heard footsteps behind him. They were loud, and were coming up right after him. When he turned, there was nothing. We prayed and eventually the feeling and the scares ended.

The demons/spirits took one more shot at us for that time being. In early January we were still delivering and one night, Ryan is walking across yards (he had four drops in a row) while I drive up the street to take care of another house. He had walked the same route 40 or so times before then. However, somehow he ended up stepping wrong and twisting his ankle. He collapsed instantly. He didn't know if it was broken or not and the pain was intense so he just lay there, holding it for a moment.

I came back looking for him but there was a car parked on the side of the street right in front of him. So naturally, I didn't see him. He called me several times but I couldn't hear him over the engine. I thought maybe he was taking his time delivering so instead of turning onto the next street, where our route continued, I waited. He managed to get up to his feet and hopped over to the car. I finally saw him and realized that he was hurt. That was the second to last night we/I delivered. He was too hurt to help me after that so I finished the route myself and then did it once more the next night. He warned me to give it up because he was sure that they would target me next. I did give it up. Ryan has recovered from his ankle injury, but it still nags him today when he turns it to either side. We have been okay... up until Sunday night (February 19th).

Ryan was reading some stories from this site, and getting creeped out. The last one he read was "My Demon Daze". He told me when I woke up later, that he heard me whimpering and woke me up to ask if I was having a nightmare. I told him I wasn't and went back to sleep. When I finally woke up, I was really cold, and actually had goosebumps all over my arms. I didn't remember him waking me up, nor did I remember any nightmares. But something had happened.

Once again I saw spirits all around us. I went out to the kitchen to get a drink and saw something standing in the corner of the room. It was tall and dark but I couldn't make out any details. But I could feel that it didn't like us at all, and was angry. We prayed and like before, that was the end of it. We slept on the couch anyway to avoid anything like what happened in "Demon Daze" happening to us. I think that Ryan's fear opened a door for them to come after us. Fortunately, although "demons do exist", so does God.

I hope that these things don't happen too often anymore... but considering that Ryan is a horror writer, and that he is almost finished that short story... it might just be a matter of time.

Kana Miyoshi, NJ, USA
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