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Demons in the Night

Florida, USA
September 1998

The summer before my first year in college, I travelled to North Carolina to stay with my "Uncle" Scott, who my mother and father consider to be a brother, and I always grew up calling uncle. He lived in North Carolina, and a lot of my friends lived there, so he said I was welcome to stay with him while I visited all my friends.

That summer was the best of my life, but one night I didn't get to bed until 4 am, and I vaguely was aware of something pushing my bed and the entire bed shaking around. Although I was scared, I remember thinking, "God let me fall asleep right now, I am too tired to deal with this." Well, I did fall right to sleep and the incident was completely forgotten by the next morning.

The next night, I was out with friends, and they took me to Scott's around 2 am. As soon as I walked in the door, I got goosebumps, and I remembered that feeling of my bed shaking. I felt this awful sense of dread as I got ready for bed. The entire house was quiet and I noticed that Scott's kids were sleeping in the living room (he is divorced and his kids visit on the weekends). Once in bed, I decided to put the fears out of my mind and try to get some sleep. Suddenly, I heard fingernails scratching the wall right next to the bed. Although my heart was racing, I kept my eyes shut and tried to act like I was already asleep; however, the scratching got louder and every time I would begin to doze off, something would push my bed and I would be jolted awake. However, I still kept ignoring the noises until I felt a finger touch and follow up my leg. This was enough! I jumped out of bed, flicked on the lights, and faced the room--of course seeing nothing. Scared to death, I ran to Uncle Scott's room, where he was sleeping. I stood in the doorway and called his name,and he woke up and asked what was wrong. After I told him what happened, it took me an entire hour to calm down. His 9 year old daughter woke up and came over to me. Too scared to go back to the room, I laid down in Scott's bed with his daughter in the middle of us. Suddenly, I got goosebumps again, and I snuggled closer to his daughter since I was scared. As soon as I did that, I felt a claw (I distinctly could feel a finger with a very long nail) grab my blanket and it yanked the blanket three times. I screamed, and then everybody woke up. Whatever it was, it didn't bother me any more that night, and I had problems sleeping after that.

I always wondered why that incident happened to me, until I found out that while I was at college, Uncle Scott had lost all visitation rights to his children. Worst of all, the evidence that his ex-wife used in court was taken from when her daughter mentioned the ghost incident to her, and the fact that I was so scared that I slept with her in Uncle Scott's room. They totally twisted the entire incident to make Scott look perverted and unfit to see his children. I feel that the spirit or whatever it was, purposely scared me and harassed me to the point so that I would go ask Uncle Scott for help. And now I know the rest of the story.

Florida, USA
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