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Desert Lights

November 2004

It seems to me that something always strange happens when one of our family members makes a trip through the desert. My father had an experience once that I wrote about a while back. Then my brother had quite a different experience, coming from California and traveling through the Arizona desert, heading to Nogales to cross into Mexico. His adventure began back in the 70s. He had just purchased a new car. He decided that he wanted to visit our relatives in Mexico. His friend Jose accompanied him. They were taking turns driving so they drove through the night. They were passing through the desert about 1 a.m. there were only occasional cars passing by. As they were going through a particular deserted stretch of road, my brother noticed that behind them there was a vehicle that seemed to have its high-beams on. It was closing in on them quickly caught up to their car.

It bothered my brother because the vehicle stayed about 100 yards in back of them pacing them, without speeding up to pass them. Its lights seemed unusually brighter than the normal car light. This was irritating to say the least. My brother decided to speed up. He edged the cars speed to 70, 80?and whatever it was kept pace with them.

At first they thought it was an eighteen wheel semi because the lights seemed to be coming from a tall vehicle, but it had no trouble keeping pace with them. Jose, my brothers, friend turned around to take a better look at the lights to try to figure out what kind of vehicle was following them and told my brother?.it seems to be a truck, but the lights are almost white, something he had never seen before. This disturbed my brother and the more he looked in his rear view mirror the more he began to realize that it might not be a vehicle. The lights were too white and glaring. It started giving him the creeps.

His speed reached to 100 mph, and the thing paced him. Finally they they reached a turn in the road, they found and old turn off and quickly pulled into it. It was an old road and it was covered by bushes, mesquite and cactus and they could easily hide their car there. They parked and waited for whatever was behind them to pass. The question was what was it? They nervously waited and but nothing came by the road. That was odd because they knew that it was behind them. Whatever it was, was gone. To make sure they waited for around a fifteen minutes still nothing.

They turned the car on and proceeded back on the highway road. As they were turning back on the road and headed for a straightaway the lights appeared again instantly, as though they were waiting for them to come out of their hiding place. This time they put the pedal to the metal and they stayed at 100 mph with the lights still behind them. They saw a small town up ahead. When they reached the small desert town, they pulled into a gas station there, scared out of their wits. They waited and the thing that was following them never came by. They slept in the car and when the dawn light came, they started on their journey again. They never saw the light again. I am wondering if anyone has ever shared a similar experience while traveling through the desert?

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