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Deserted Road

Andrew, Idaho, USA
February 1997

Living in Idaho, even the second largest city, with a population of only 50,000 people, one encounters rural areas even in the cities. I work at a local shipping company, where I have to be at work before six in the morning. Though the small warehouse is located in town, it's in one of these rural areas. One must drive down a small road bordered on sides by rather low-income housing, then turn onto a dead-end road that leads directly to the warehouse.

One morning, as I pulled into the warehouse parking lot, I saw someone walking down the road towards the warehouse. There are no houses on this road, no reason for someone to be approaching except to work, and I assumed that someone's car had broken down on the road and that he (it appeared to be a male) was coming the rest of the way on foot. It seemed strange, because he was wearing what appeared to be slacks and a white shirt and dark tie. Almost everyone who works there dresses in work clothes - ragged shorts, t-shirt, that kind of attire.

When I finished parking and got out, the person had vanished - it chilled me. The only thing I've been able to think is ghost.

Andrew, Idaho, USA
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