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Desperate Woman

Texas, USA
April 1998

My story begins of a house that gives me the willies not because of the people living there at present time, but the souls trapped within. I was shocked by a 220 volt piece of equipment and recovered but I belive it gave me extrasensory perception to the third plane or enabled me to pick up on the spirit world. This might sound unbelievable, but every incident is true.

I have a one year old who lived with me in this condemning house. It started warning me at first, but I thought it was only my imagination. I had this feeling at all times in the house that someone was watching everything that I did to take care of my little girl. I wasn't good enough. It could take better care of her so she wouldn't get hurt. There was an incidence when I was cleaning the front door glass and out of no where the door slammed on my finger cutting it deeply. There was no wind to explain this, no one around but me. That's when I knew it wanted my attention and it could hurt me if I didn't comply. I was scared for my child and something told me it wanted her for her own. That's when the dream like state started.... When I went to bed she would visit me and torment me leaving my senses drained and confused. One night she revealed all.... She came to me, this helpless woman crying and pulling me from my bed..."Please help me help my baby she is dying...What do I do?? Please help me..." I ran to my daughter's room, but it wasn't her room now at all it was different. It was now an infant's room. As I gazed at it lying in a crib was a baby, but it wasn't moving it was very still but not sleeping, it had a bluish hue and wasn't crying. There was nothing I could do, but feel the overwhelming pain of the mother as I looked into her eyes gaunt and empty. She stood there in the dark with a low bluish white light behind her casting a silhouette, reaching to me pleading "Please help me save my only daughter." This would ruin her life as she knew it forever she could never forgive herself for letting her infant die. I woke up delirious and sweating.. What could I do for this woman who resided her in my home with my family? Well she made it quit clear the next morning. "Your child will be looked after and I will be the only one to do it."

Texas, USA
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