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Devil's Calling Card

Leslie, Indiana, USA
June 2005

There's a cemetery in a remote area near the town I live. Half a mile to a mile from the cemetery is a bridge. To get to the cemetery, you have to cross the bridge.

Local legend says a woman, her husband, and their baby went to church one Sunday. After Sunday services, the husband was socializing with the pastor and other leaders of the church. The wife was talking with the ladies. Without the wife's knowledge, the husband invited the pastor and other various members of the church over for Sunday dinner that night. When he and his wife met back up a little later, he tells her of his plans. Upset and angry for having been volunteered to make a big dinner for the guests, she takes the baby and leaves church in a rage, leaving her husband behind to walk home. As she is driving, utter frustration takes over. She starts to sob uncontrollably, making it hard to see where she is going, the car starts to swerve back and forth at a fast clip. At this point, she's crying so hard it's scaring the baby. With the baby screaming in the back seat and her anger with the whole situation, she can't think straight. Because of this, she is not paying attention to where she is going, and as she is crossing the bridge, she loses control and drives over the side into the water. Both mother and child drown.

Meanwhile, the husband is starting to get worried, thinking she was just angry and needed to blow off some steam, he waits for her to come back and get him. When she doesn't, he decided he would just walk home. As he got closer to the bridge, he noticed there were emergency personnel and onlookers surrounding it. When he asked what was going on, he was told that his wife and his child had gone over the side of the bridge and had both drowned.They were buried in the cemetery down the road.

Legend also states that around midnight, if you listen very closely, you can hear the baby crying. Unfortunately, this story is long and ends in tragedy, but it is important to have a little background information on the area.

One night, a group of us decided we wanted to go to the bridge to see if we could hear the baby crying that night. The group consisted of my sister Rachel, her friend Jeremy, my cousins Christina and Bryant, and I. As we were going down the dirt road leading to the cemetery, we got a really nasty feeling. This feeling was like pure evil. The kind that makes your stomach sink in and never want to come out. We stopped and Jeremy looked back at us and said, "Guys, I don't think we should go back here."
I said, "I don't think we should either."
Everyone in the car agreed. We backed out because the road is one way and very narrow. We were driving back to the bridge and decided to stop on it, since our first attempt to hear the baby cry was unsuccessful.

Because Christina was in her 'freak' phase, she had on a jacket that had different symbols on it. Anarchy signs and the number 666 on the hood, across the forehead of the jacket to be exact. When we stopped on the bridge, we turned the car and lights off. We were sitting and listening for the baby's cry. All of a sudden we heard something that made our blood turn cold. It sounded as if something jumped on the bridge and started to climb up. Jeremy said, "Oh my god, you guys!"
As it was climbing up, we heard a clank, clank, clank. The sound was coming from what we thought was a little ways back from the left tire, on Christina's side. As Jeremy was turning the car on, Christina was frantically rolling up her window.

We left the bridge, very fast I might add.

On the way back to town, Christina took off the jacket and I threw it out the window.

The next day, we told my mom about what had happened. We also mentioned that the jacket had been tossed out the window. She was not pleased. She took us back to the exact spot we threw it out and it wasn't there. Mom, of course, thought we were crazy, but we didn't care. It was there the night before and now it was gone. We drove up the road a little way and found it. Mom made Christina get out and get it. She grabbed it and we went back home. Man, we tried to burn the thing and it wouldn't ignite. It was made of cotton and plastic, but it wouldn't burn. No amount of lighter fluid would get it going. But that wasn't the worst part. I think we brought something home. Sometimes you can feel cold spots in my room, or see weird red lights in the corner. We should have never messed with the Devil's mark.

Leslie, Indiana, USA
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