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Devil's Point

Sk?ne, Sweden
December 2000

This story is true. The events that occurred were something that my uncle and I will never forget.

I am now 27 years of age and this story took place when I was 19. In fact my uncle was also 19 at the time. My uncle and I grew up together in northern Wisconsin. I don't wish to name the exact location at this time. We lived about 1 and a half miles from a river which winds through the forest. The only way you can reach the river at the point where we always did was by foot or with an ATV.

While we grew up we made it nearly a daily ritual of going fishing at the river in the woods. As we grew a little older we started camping quite often. The day finally came. My uncle and I were waiting for a friend from downstate to show up at my uncles place. The friend usually came up on Friday evenings in the summer and joined us on several of our camping trips. Unfortunately, he was unable to make it this time. My uncle and I headed back into the woods on foot carrying all of our equipment with us. We didn't go to the exact spot on the river bank where we normally went. We went downstream about a quarter mile further just for a change.

Later that night we would regret that decision.

We chose the location because it was high, about 100 feet above the river bank, and it was shaped like a point. It sloped downward on 3 sides, so we felt like it was a nice view during the daylight.

The night started like any other camping trip we had been on. We gathered plenty of wood for our fire and got it going. As the sun set we just sat and talked about alot of different things. We talked for several hours. It was probably between 11pm and midnight when the unexpected events began to unfold. We had just started to curl up in our sleeping bags when we both heard a loud crack. As if someone or something had broken a large piece of brush. We didn't think a whole lot of it. We just wondered what it was. But beyond that we started to get comfortable again.

The next time we heard it, it was very loud and a little closer probably about 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the sloping sides. Now we weren't overly alarmed, since we did have a 12-guage pump with plenty of ammunition. But needless to say we didn't want to fall asleep if a bear was making it's way up to our sleeping bags while we slept.

We both stood up and added a little more wood to the fire. My uncle shined the flashlight down each side and behind us. We didn't see anything. We decided to talk for a little while before returning to sleep. A half hour passed. We were just considering laying down once more when we heard what sounded like footsteps and rustling. We also noted several loud sounds like brush snapping. Now it was a little closer. We figured it was halfway up the sides. We didn't do anything. We just stood and listened and shined our flashlight all around.

It continued to get louder and closer. It was moving fast like a squirrel, but it was as loud as a bear. It sounded like it was going all the way around the point. Not only that but it was moving faster and getting closer with each circle of our campsite.

My uncle grabbed his gun because we didn't know what else to do. I shined the light exactly where we heard the sound, and we couldn't see anything. All we could see was leaves flying into the air and bushes moving like something was moving rapidly through them. We tried not to panic, but we knew by now that this was something not at all earthly. My uncle took aim on the area about 20 feet away from us where I was now shining the light, and fired. The noise and movement stopped instantly. We felt a little relaxed. But we were in shock at the same time. We talked about what it could have been , and if there was any possibility it could have been an animal. We both agreed it could not have been.

After about a half hour more it started again. It started at the very bottom and continued to progress up the slopes until it was very near us. This time we tried to hold and not fire as long as we could. It came about 10 feet away from us and my uncle fired once more. Once again all became silent. I would continue detailing each encounter that night , but you get the idea.

Whatever it was couldn't be seen. The effect of it's movement on the environment could be seen as well as heard. On a couple of it's passes we allowed it to get within about 5 feet of us before we fired. This occurred like clockwork about every half hour until sunrise. To this day I am baffled. We have told several people about this, but to really know what it was like you had to be there. We didn't go to sleep that night and we never went back again either. My uncle and I have talked of this very often. Between the 2 of us and to a few people we have told, this spot on the river has gotten the title " Devils' Point ". I wish I knew what it was. The only thing we say about it is that we are very glad we had a gun with us, and we always wondered what would have happened if we would have just sat there and done nothing.

I now live in Sweden, but am planning to return to Wisconsin or nearby in the U.P. of Michigan within the next year. I would be glad to show someone from some kind of investigative team where this place is. But I won't be spending the night.

Sk?ne, Sweden
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