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Devil Eyes in the Mirror

Jessica & Candy, Mississippi, USA
March 1998

It happened in June 1997. A bunch of us girls were over at my house spending the night with me, and we thought we would mess with the Ouija board and have a past life seance. We looked in the mirror and we started to stare into the mirror deeper and we saw a pair of red eye's, we all freaked out and tried to blame each other for the experience, but we all knew it was real. One of the girls had a candle and we lit it and she started saying demon words (the devil will rise to the earth though me). Her eye's turned red and she forgot everything she said. She said she felt dizzy and asked what was wrong with us, and since then we never messed with the devils candle (we call it).

The story you just read it is really true! Watch out, light a candle carefully. We gave the candle to a store the has devil books and ghost books. So be careful!

Jessica & Candy, Mississippi, USA
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