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Devilish Doll

Michael, CA, USA
February 2001

Right now I’m 15 and have not had a reoccurrence of the event that took place ten years ago. I'll never forget what happened that night, in my room, in the dark.

My 5th birthday came and went with out any problems. I received many presents from friends and family. But there is one present I'll never forget. It was a doll remembered by many for its catchy commercial tune. The doll was a "My Buddy Doll". When I received the doll I was very happy for at the time this doll was at the top of market sales with boys 3 to 6 years of age.

The doll was like a best friend to me, like a security blanket. I put the doll and placed it in the corner of my bedroom near a rather large window. At night the silhouette of the doll was a comforting site to me, until one night.

The night began like any night. I was tucked in to bed and fell fast asleep. I had a bizarre dream that had woken me up abruptly. I sat up, looked around and saw the outline of the doll and realized it was all a dream. I proceeded to attempt to fall back to sleep. That's when I heard the strange noise. It can only be described as chattering teeth. This noise startled me and caused me to jump out of bed and run for the door. The door would not open even and inch. There was another door that led into a bathroom, and a door in there that led to the hallway. However that door was locked also. I flicked the light switch on the wall hoping to be saved by shedding some light on whatever or whoever was in my room. But nothing happened. All that was visible was the silhouette from the doll. That's when I heard the voice emanating from where the doll was. It said "come here Michael". The voice was deep and raspy. I couldn't scream but I could move. I thought maybe I could get to the window and get out. But that was on the other side of the room. I decided to do it. I placed a hand on the wall and began to slide my hand across it while I moved slowly to the window. I made it to window when I heard the voice again, from right in behind of me! It said, "sit down". I couldn't see anything. I obeyed in fear. I sat down right in the dolls lap. Suddenly, what appeared to be two dolls arms wrapped around me. And to my surprise began to tickle me. My laughs were mixed with fear and in fright I passed out. I woke up on the floor, on the doll. I ran to the door and it opened.

I told my mom what had happened. She did not believe me. She said I had a bad dream or something. But I was sure I did not. I was so scared of the doll after that night that my mom had to get rid of it. She placed it on the top of the trashcan outside and closed the lid. Later she went out to put more trash in the can and it was gone! I have no idea what happened to it. Maybe someone took it, or it walked away. I don't know. But I'm glad it's gone.

Michael, CA, USA
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