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Devilish Experience

Misty, Ontario, Canada
December 2002

This happened to my Dad and he's not one to exagerate, he still turns slightly white, and gets goose bumps whenever he talks about it.

One day when he was a kid, he was at his friends house. They decided to go for a walk to the store. My Dad wanted to get some hockey cards. He was really quick in the store, he had the exact change and he knew exactly what pack he wanted. He was out of the store in about 1 min. A man was standing there talking to his friends mother. She introduced him as her friend. They all left together and went over to his friends place. After talking for a while, everything just stopped. His friend and his friends mother were just literally frozen. The man was sort of sitting there watching my Dad in amusement. He was really scared, he was shaking them and yelling, and they remained that way for a few minutes. Finally, they came out of it and the man just disappeared, was just gone!.

My Dad asked them what was wrong, and where did the man go? They denied there ever being any man, they even protested going to the store. They said that none of that ever happened and that he never bought the cards. They had no memory of anything. The only thing that confirmed this was my Dad still had that pack of unopened cards in his pocket.

Misty, Ontario, Canada
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