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Devils Hollow

Tom Boyer, Indiana, USA
March 2000

About two years ago, my friend and I were trying to get in touch with the other side. Bea was great and she really got along well with my family. My dog even liked her. We had discussed a few times how we had what were truly psychic experiences. I had dreams prior to the San Francisco Earthquake of 1989. Other dreams had come before and more came after. I felt it was now time to try and develop more of my senses.

It was a calm dark summer evening. The air was heavy and humid. When Bea came over, we drove my car into Devil's Hollow. It was a narrow road through a ravine about two miles from my house. It was a picturesque view in the daylight and I knew it was creepy as hell at night. Bea and I parked the car on the side of a bend and began to walk around the ravine. I sensed dozens of spirits but I did not feel fear. Suddenly, Bea felt something and a cold wind started to blow. It seemed to moan a warning for us to leave. We didn't feel compelled to argue, so we started the car and drove like hell to get away. We drove back to my house and we sat in the car for a few minutes, still mesmerized at the events that transpired in the ravine. When we got out of the car we realized that it was calm and warm again and were gravely perplexed. Bea felt something touch her as we walked up to the side garage door of my house. As we walked in the dog was asleep in her cage and I walked ahead of Bea to open the door to the house. My dog suddenly went crazy barking at Bea. I ran over to Bea and grabbed her hand and we entered the house. We ran upstairs to the sanctuary of my room. I grabbed my cross necklace and placed it on Bea's forehead. I lit incense and made the sign of the cross in front of Bea with it. I said a prayer to deliver us from the evil spirits that had followed us home. We hugged and waited a few moments before going downstairs. We watched a video to clear our minds of the situation.

Neither Bea nor I have gone back to Devil's Hollow again.

Tom Boyer, Indiana, USA
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