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Did I Let Something In

Cece, FL, USA
November 2004

Hey everyone, my name's Cece. I've been coming to COS for a few years now, and I think its my turn to share some spooky experiences of my own.

The first one was maybe not my own experience, but my best friend's.

She recently told me that one night, not long ago, she was lying in her bed, trying to fend off some killer insomnia, when her room grew a little chilly, and an uneasy feeling settled. She looked over at the far corner of her room, and saw something, about the size of a large cat, except black, and with no distinct shape, crawl up the corner, along the edge of the ceiling, and into her air vent. After that, the room temperature became normal again, and she could finally fall asleep. This spooked me very much, as I was planning to spend the weekend at her house when she told me.

Now, the second thing is my own experience. First of all, it's important you know that I've never been either a strong believer in the fact that Ouija boards work, or in the power of God to protect the human race.

Only a night or two ago, I went to bed earlier than the rest of my family, sick. I slept fitfully, waking up, tossing, turning, and dozing back off. The first few times, I awoke to the reassuring shine of the hallway light, but at one point, I woke up, afraid, and saw only darkness. I tossed the sheets over my head and forced myself back to sleep. Once I fell asleep, I had one of the worst nightmares of my life.

I was chasing a young man, and he led me into a large, white house. When I entered the house to find him, he was not in front of me. Perplexed, I looked behind me, and saw him, scrambling to leave, and laughing mockingly at me. I became very afraid, and began to run back the way I came, but I felt like I weighed four times as much as usual, and could only run slowly. When I reach a door, I would struggle to open it, and it took all my strength just to open it a few centimeters. Suddenly, an old woman came out, saw me trying to open the door, and said, "Where are you going, sweetheart? We have to dress you for our special dinner!" Suddenly, the door I was trying to squeeze through closed on me, trapping me, and the old woman came closer. I desperately tried to fend her off by channeling Holy energy through my body, but this only enraged the woman. At this point, all I can say is that it seemed her skin cracked and fell off, and she became this black, smokey-looking demonic being, and rushed at my face. She engulfed me, and I "died."

At this point I woke up, tried to sit up, and found myself trying to scream, trying to say, "God! I love you!" but it came out as more of a "D, I ove ou!" and I was promptly shoved back down. Discovering I couldn't speak loudly, I whispered, "God, protect me, God, protect me!" over and over. I felt like it was the only thing that could save me. I fell asleep saying it.

When I woke up, it was daylight, and I could hear my family bustling about the house. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

I don't know how to explain what happened to me or my friend, but I do know that our "spirits" have strikingly similar descriptions, and I can only account it to a seance we held a few months ago at her house. There have been other occurrences, but those are for a different time.

Cece, FL, USA
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