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Did They Sign The Lease Too?

February 2007

I have tried to condense this, but to no avail. It’s not an especially scary story, but it’s plenty creepy when "things get hoppin."

I am a sadly out-of-shape, but not overweight, mother of two little boys. I am a Leo so maybe that’s where my over active imagination comes from; I dunno. I did not have a traumatic childhood and I don’t have any credible proof of my parents’ homes were haunted. I do, however, think my current townhouse is.

The boys and I have lived there for almost three years now. To all outward appearances, the townhouse is not menacing and it does not have a dilapidated or run-down look. In fact, it looks pretty vanilla ? like the rest of my life.

My soon to be ex- husband is a long haul trucker, so even if we were on good terms, he wouldn’t be home; to be witness or provide verification.
During the day things seem to be fine. It’s usually only after dusk that the abode dons its "creepiness". I know I told you I have an overactive imagination, but I also try to be practical. Flickery lights could be bad bulbs, cold spots could be drafts, and creaky stairs could be settling. Well?if that were only the case (luckily we don’t go through electrical appliances, bulbs or batteries at an alarming rate). We do have electronic toys that will make noise after dark ? with the batteries removed. Whoever "plays" with them will usually stop once exasperation is heard in my voice; much like scolding a toddler. Since the townhouse was built back in the late 60’s and the wiring hasn’t been completely updated, flickery lights don’t get much notice. The cold spots are an irritant, but they will usually move if you ask. Nothing has turned up missing that I am aware of and thankfully no doors or cupboards open or close on their own.

My downstairs spirit likes the toys. He (yep, he) stays pretty much on the first floor and generally stays out of trouble. He’s a 15-17 year old boy that really enjoys playing with the electronic toys and entertainment center. The stairwell to the upper level is where the fun begins. Imagine 14 stairs with a banister to your right. NEVER hold the banister! If you run yours fingers up the left hand wall you’re safe. I don't know why; it just "feels" right. The boys use the banister and they do just fine, but adults? Don’t try it! Imagine again if you will, starting at about stair five as you ascend, a shadow that is blacker than black. The very air is charged; you can smell that lightning-ozone smell. It’s an intimidating feeling to say the least. Looking up you see the "Gate Keeper". He’s the blacker than black shadow that guards the "hole" on steps 6, 7, and 8. Thank God I only have the Twilight Zone in my stairwell maybe 3 or 4 times a month. Descending that same staircase is not for the faint of heart either. The Gate Keeper doesn’t guard the hole going down so any number of entities can (and do) form a line right behind you). All the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, your shoulders draw up to your ears; you hear/feel something behind you. RUN! RUN as fast as you can! I’m only speculating because I’m too afraid to turn around, but I imagine that one would see their very worst nightmare in high-def.

In the hallway at the top of those stairs is another being. Lying in bed at night I can "see" a form kneeling in the hall. It’s a very sad female presence. I’ve never seen it move and it doesn’t feel?well?scary. It just feels really sad. Looking past her I can see the top of the stairwell. That, more than anything, draws your attention. It’s a feeling of "needing to look, but not wanting to see." I have taken to sleeping on my back when I’m up there. I’m afraid to face in that direction, but I’m surely not going to turn my back to it.

Last but not least is the master bath. Personally, I think that’s what scares my boys. The youngest says I have a monster in there. I wouldn’t doubt it. There have been numerous occasions when I will walk in there (day or night) and it feels a lot like the bathroom in The Shining; very oppressive, almost jungle moist. It’s almost unconscious now, but I steel myself to stick my hand in and quickly flick on the light. Once your eyes adjust to the various Matchbox and Disney toys strewn about, the spell is broken ? until the next time. It’s no wonder the boys want the master bed and bath lights on when they go to bed.

I have had a supervisor/friend from work come over to check all this out. He says he’s sensitive to the paranormal. Whatever is in the stairwell challenged him, the "bathroom monster" followed us downstairs, and something reduced the man to tears. Of course, our "relationship" had just ended a couple of weeks prior and I don’t put it past him to exaggerate in the hopes of receiving "comfort" from me. URK. Anyway. I have toyed with the idea of trying to get photos; toyed being the operative word. I have gone so far as to bring a digital camera into the house, but it just doesn’t seem to be a good idea to put it to use. I do not practice Wicca, study any arcane arts, nor am I an overly avid fan of the occult. I enjoy a scary movie as well as the next so long as its daylight and I can hide behind my pillow. As far as I know, no one has died here; I’ve heard no rumors of aliens, possession or even kidnapping. I have not approached the landlady because?well?she’s eighty for crying out loud and already thinks I'm a bit "off"! I would probably give the woman a coronary for laughing so hard.

Thanks for reading!.

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