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Did You Hear That?

Ashleigh Fischer, Ohio, USA
March 1997

Not that long after we had our family pet put to sleep, we knew his soul did not go to rest. At least not yet. It was in December of '93 when this happened.

Magnum was getting old and we knew he didn't have much longer to live, so my parents decided to do the best thing: have him put to sleep. My sister and I cried our hearts out over it, but we knew it was the right thing. A few days after we had him put to sleep, my mom and I were standing in the living room. I was leaning up against the couch and my mom was leaning up against a dining room chair just a few feet away from me. We had a music box playing, and we were both quiet, listening to the tune of Jingle Bells. All of a sudden, we heard our dog make a noise from his bed. I knew I was not alone in hearing this noise because my mom looked up at the same moment I did and said, "Did you just hear Magnum?" and I said, "Yes." My eyes were filling up with tears. I don't know whether it was from fear or excitement. Till this day, every time I walk past where we used to keep his bed, I still picture him laying there, and sometimes when no one is around, I lay down next to the spot and start to cry because I know I will never have a dog like him.

Ashleigh Fischer, Ohio, USA
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