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Lindsey, Kansas, USA
February 1998

This is true, It happened at my ex-bestfriends house.

It was summer of '96. I was spending the night at my friend's house and we were talking about who we liked and stuff like that. It was 4:00 a.m. We had stayed up ALL night! By this time my friend (Kaci) was dozing off.

I sat up awake knowing if I awoke Kaci she'd be a grump. I sat awake when I heard footsteps coming from the bathroom, but I did not remember seeing or hearing anyone go to the bathroom. I, not thinking anything of it, waited to see who it was. I guessed it was her mom. As the footsteps got nearer they began to get slower, until they stopped right in font of Kaci's room! I looked up to see who it was. It was not anyone I had ever seen. She had long, straight black hair, she was about 6'3" . She was holding a small baby in her arms. She was glaring at me with black eyes. She pointed at me and it looked as if she was trying to SCREAM, but no noise came from her mouth she got closer and closer until she was at the foot of the bed. I was terrified, I couldn't move. Then she pointed behind me, I didn't look. I tried to wake Kaci up. When She woke up the lady disappeared. I looked behind me and on the wall, with pinkish lip liner it said "DIE" all in capital letters. Kaci and I did some research on the house. We found out that in 1936 there was a fire In her house, a lady and her baby were killed that very night.

Lindsey, Kansas, USA
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