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Dining Room

Peter Wu, California, USA
December 1998

During the summer of 1990, a friend and I were playing around with an Ouija board in the dining room of my house. I was very skeptical of how the board worked and believed that it was our unconscious mind moving the pointer. Throughout the "questioning" session, we determined that the "spirit" communicating with us through the board was the spirit of a little girl. It was my first experience with a Ouija board and I quickly discounted the entire experience. During the spring of 1994, a cousin was visiting from Taiwan and we had a family picture taken with the same dining room as the backdrop. The film was eventually taken back to Taiwan for developing.

A few months later, my mother told me that when that film was developed and showed to a psychic friend of my cousin, the psychic friend could "feel" that there was a spirit of a little girl in that dining room. I was floored! I had never shared my experience with the Ouija board with anyone and here my mother was, telling me about the little girl's spirit roaming around in our dining room. I have heard nothing about this since.

Peter Wu, California, USA
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