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Ali, Wyoming, USA
October 2004

Its important for those of you who have never lived in a rural area to realise that during the fall months many animals, especially deer, rabbits, etc. come down into town from the mountains in order to find food more easily. Therefore, most people who drive at night, or even during dusk, see many of these animals standing in the road or such. Many times less cautious drives accidentally hit and kill these animals.

You need to know this in order to understand my story fully, and what was going through my mind at the time.

I, being a busy teen, usually don't make it home until late at night. It was on one such night that I was driving home quite late after being at a friends house(on my street there are few street lamps, so the roads are quite dim, especially late in the night).

I made the last turn required and began planning the rest of my night, I was only so-so intent on my driving responsibilities. Yet, towards the end of the street I thought I saw a few head of deer standing in the middle of my path. I slowed my speed and didn't think much of it, as I said, it is a usual occurance. But as I neared the "deer" I realized that they had all gone except one, this one was standing directly in front of me, just ahead of the glow of my headlights.

I had to come to a complete stop in order not to hit this animal, but as I looked closer I could see that the figure ahead of me was no deer, or any other probably animal. I saw that it was a tall, slender, and gaunt figure, but I couldn't see eyes. Needless to say I was completely frightened out of my wits, but I tried to tell myself that I was only imagining it.

Getting brave I inched my car forward thinking that once I got the figure into the light of my headlights I would realize that it really was a deer. But as I did this the figure suddenly turned to its side and almost immediately looked back at me. I could feel its eyes, or its lack thereof, bearing into me. I had goosepimples all over my body. As I stared into this things "eyes" it seemed to melt away, completely disappearing.

I was paralyzed for a time, and after I regained movement I could only lock my doors, pull over and then I had to call my boyfriend to come get me. Yet, even when he arrived I didn't want to unlock the door. Needless to say, it took some convincing. Now, I never take that way home. I always take the well lit way.

Ali, Wyoming, USA
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