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Disappearing Livestock

Nicole, OR, USA
September 2002

I'm not sure if this can account as a ghost story, but it certainly is interesting. I was very young (anywhere from 2 months to a year old) when this happened. Therefor I cannot remember any of it but have heard many stories. So, read on --

We once lived out in the country on what could be called a "farm" thus, we had a few animals with us, some of which consisted of three cows that we had since they were very small, just little calves. (very cute I might add, I've seen pictures)

One day when these calves where probably somewhere around 1 1/2 to 2 months old (very small) they unknowingly vanished. Knowing all the neighbors who's property was alongside ours we told them of this so that they would know who to contact may they turn up on their property. Thus, everyone promised to look around their property the following day and tell us of their findings (or lack of) and from then on keep an eye out for them.

Time passed and after awhile we lost hope in ever getting our little cows back. To our astonishment, close to nine months after they'd vanished all three of our calves turned back up, on our property.

There are three very interesting things we noticed of our calves though. First off, they had to have crossed a concrete bridge which is rather narrow and has no side, only a ten foot drop to a shallow river. Now, cows will cross that if herded, but these weren't - what made them cross it? Secondly, these calves where inside a deep hole dug by my father for a pond. (unfilled at this time of course) Now, what would make these little calves venture into a dirt hole, rather then stay in the grassy field? Cows don't do that now do they?

Last, but by far the most astonishing, these calves were still calves. After nine months these 1.5 or 2 month old cows were exactly the same size as they were at that age, but where now, of course, nine months older. (Sorry to be a bit redundant there, just wanted to make it perfectly clear)

None of us know what happened. The neighbors had not seen hide nor hair of these calves, there was nowhere for them to hide, they would have been spotted. So, what happened to these three for nine months? A mystery that continues to puzzle anyone who we have told.

Well, that's all I know. If you have any ideas into what might have happened to our calves, please email me.

Nicole, OR, USA
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