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Do Cryptids Throw Stones

November 2022

While camping in the Uinta Mountains on the border of Utah and Wyoming, a friend claimed to have seen a Bigfoot. I should mention he is not one to tell tall tales, and he is also a very experienced outdoorsman. All the same, we all dismissed it saying it was most likely a bear or shadow, or literally anything other than a cryptid.

That evening just around dusk, we were riding a trail that bordered some thick woods. I was in the rear, and I sensed something fly past behind me. I slowed and looked but didn't see anything and continued on.

A moment later a large rock, easily in the 40-50lb range, flew from the woods passing between myself and the rider in front of me. I stopped and was dumbfounded by the size of this projectile. As I looked on, trying to make sense of what I had seen, another rock landed some 20 feet behind me.

I got back on my quad and rode as fast as I dared, catching up to the other riders as we were getting back into the open. The rider in front of me had also sensed something fly behind him, but said he thought it was just a bird.

I told them what I had seen. Just like I had dismissed my friend's sighting, my story was dismissed that I had to be exaggerating, and that no human or animal could have thrown such a large rock.

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