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Do You Still Love Me?

Michelle Jacks, TX, USA
June 2003

About 10 years ago, I got cancer. That year I experienced my first love. His name was Matt, and even though I was only 6, I knew I loved him. He meant the world to me.

I managed to survive, but he wasn't so lucky. Before he died, he handed me a small silver drama ring, which I always wore. On the 10th year anniversary of being cured, I was laying down to sleep and heard a small voice in my ear. "Even though you can't see me, I am always with you, and even though you can't feel me, I always hold you." Tears came to my eyes as I realized who it was and asked "Even though you aren't alive, do you still love me?"
His one response was a touch of the hand.

The next morning, when I was leaving for school, I found the ring, which I had lost a year before, laying on my backpack and I knew he still loved me.

Michelle Jacks, TX, USA
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