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Dog Ghost

Susan Lee, Virginia, USA
September 2003

When I was married before, my husband and I were visiting his parents. For years they had had a little dog they kept in the house. A few months before our visit she had to be put to sleep and they buried her in the garden.

On the first morning of our visit I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup. All of a sudden I heard the noise of dog tags tingling away ever so lightly but loud enough for me to automatically look down at my feet. I was half expecting to see the little dog running around in the bathroom because the sound was so clear and precise. It was then that I remembered she had died! It kinda spooked me out but I didn't want to say anything to my mother-in-law because I didn't want to upset her. But later that day it just kept playing on my mind. Finally I went to my mother-in-law and told her what I had experienced. After my story she was so relieved! Seems she too had been hearing the same sounds in the house and she thought she was loosing her mind! Even after they had buried her dog, she still kept her water bowl in the kitchen as a reminder of her presence. I never heard those sounds again after I had confessed to my mother-in-law. It was like her dog was telling her she was still with her spiritually but not physically. There were no wind chimes in the yard for me to get confused over. So I really believe what I heard where the dog tags of my mother-in-laws dog that had passed away before my visit. I will always remember that experience, a pleasant one at that.

Susan Lee, Virginia, USA
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