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Don't Be Late

Sandra L. Mrozcek, Arizona, USA
May 2000

My mother passed away June 02,1998 It was the day of the funeral service and like usual I was taking ten steps forward and nine back. I inadvertently locked myself out of my house. I went across the street to my neighbors to borrow a butter knife to try and jimmy the lock open. I must have been trying for several minutes and nothing was working I decided to give up and was walking down the stairs when the door flew open allowing me to enter and finish getting ready for mom's service. I believe it was her making sure I wasn't late.

It doesn't stop there when I arrived at her home to meet her care giver I went to use the front bathroom and there was a very strong smell of the perfume she always wore, I asked Alecia if she had sprayed anything lately she said no but could smell it also. This I think was mothers way of telling me she wanted her favorite perfume and I obliged by putting it with her in her casket.

Sandra L. Mrozcek, Arizona, USA
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