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Don't Be Late for P.T.

Danielle Lewis, OR, USA
February 2003

I was living in an apartment when I was in the Army in 2002, from the very start I knew something was no right in the apartment. It was a one bedroom so it wasn't that big, It had a small hallway and the bathroom was at one end and the bedroom at the other end. The hallway we're talking about here is like 4 ft long just so you have an idea.

Well the bathroom, hallway, and bedroom were some sort of a pathway to something very evil. The first night I took a shower there was a horrible feeling that someone was watching me the whole time. The feeling was so strong I could pinpoint that whatever it was, was sitting on the sink or in that area. I played it off, but each time I was in the shower the same presence was there. What got me to worry was the fact when I was in the living room watching TV or something, you could feel this evil coming from the hallway.

My husband was in the Army also but he worked a second job, and wouldn't be home till after 12pm or so. I would go to bed like at 10pm and at 11.00 each night I would wake up scared, and there would be a figure of a man in the doorway. This really started to scare me, but I would play it off as a bad dream. My husband would never sense any evil in the house and didn't belive me, well that was until our cats would go from being sound asleep in the living room floor to be standing on their hind legs, fur all fluffed out and hissing at the hallway in a matter of seconds.

Have you ever seen a cat stand on their hind legs and stay like that for a min or more ? Probably not, not something I ever saw before myself. My poor cats were so stressed out, they wouldn't leave the living room ever, I had to move the cat box into the living room along with their food.

My husband finally started to believe something wasn't right in the house, about that time he left for the field for a week. And that's when it happened.

I set my alarm for 5am like normal, I was awoken by someone shaking me violently. At first I thought it was a dream, then as I was waking up I figured it was my husband. Then I realized my husband wasn't there, and I wasn't dreaming. Whoever or whatever that was in my house didn't want me to be late for P.T. apparently. Well soon as my husband got home I said we were moving that weekend. This story doesn't quite end here. My mom came to help us move, she had never been to this apartment before and didn't know why I wanted to move. She stepped one foot in the door and said " What evil is in this house ?" My Mom is very sensitive to "the other side" . That is what threw me over the edge, I knew then and there it wasn't just me. I still can't sleep alone.

Danielle Lewis, OR, USA
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