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Don't Cry For Me

Lena, CA, USA
April 2007

Iguess this is not really a scary story, but more of a touching one. It is 100% true. It’s not about me, but about my great grandparents.

My family has always been very sensitive, some have seen ghosts, mostly loved ones passed on, many have dreams about things that come true. I have been blessed to know my great grandpa, we called him Poppy. He passed on a year and a half ago at the age of 84.

My great grandma Mary died from an accident when I was a year old. I believe she was in her mid to late 50’s. Anyway's, she left 5 children and several grandchildren, and two great grand kids at that time. My Poppy was having a really hard time with her death, they were very in love and had been since the day they met. He would go out to the cemetery and sit by her grave and cry and cry. He would come home upset and my aunts would wonder where he had gone.

One night he lay in bed trying to fall asleep. He happened to glance at the clock before he dosed off. It said 10:00pm. He started to dream. In his dream he was talking to my great grandma. She told him how much she loved him. Then she told him, ?Fred, you have to stop coming to my grave everyday and crying. I am still here with you, but today Katie (my great aunt and his daughter) followed you to the cemetery and hid behind a tree and watched you cry and it broke her heart. You have to be strong for the kids, so they can move on.’ He suddenly woke and looked at the clock. It said 10:00pm. No time had passed, but he was sure he had been sleeping. The next day, Katie came to him and asked her dad if he was going to be ok. She said ?daddy, I followed you yesterday to the cemetery and hid behind a tree and watched you cry. I’m really worried about you.’ He started to cry again, and hugged her and told her about his dream. He said "I’ll be ok now."

Many of my aunts and cousins have had experiences with my great grandma comforting them after she passed. Seeing her or hearing her voice.

My mother was really close to her grandma as she had been raised for several years by them when she was little. She was also having a really hard time with her death. One night not long after she passed she woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep. She was sitting on the end of the bed mourning her grandma, crying. She just couldn’t move on. Suddenly she felt warm arms go around her and start to rock her back and forth. She looked behind her and no one was there, except for my dad who was sleeping like a rock and had not moved. She smelled her grandma’s perfume all around her and she heard her voice tell her everything was going to be ok and that she loved her. She felt peace after that and could deal with her death much easier.

I have many other family stories but for now I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Lena, CA, USA
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