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Don't Feel Alone

December 2005

Recently we were evicted from our home. We had been living there for 3 1/2 years and I was devastated about the move especially since the owner of the house was my partner's cousin. The day before I had told his wife that we were unable to pay rent because my partner had just had a breakdown and we had no money to live. She was wonderful about it but needless to say the next day the phone rang and we were told to get out. To say that I was upset was an understatement, I cried on and off all day and couldn't believe that we had to find a new home. My son was only six months old when we moved into the house and we had just had our second child who was only 12 weeks old.

To travel back in time a bit when my son was younger he used to say some strange things to me. He has always been a fantastic talker and could even speak quiet well when he was two. He said to me quiet a few times about a lady in the house. Sometimes he would be fine about it but other times he would cry and say that he was scared. Normally he would be fine to go down the hallway by himself but every now and again he would be terrified and would insist you to go with him.

I'd been giving him a bath one time when suddenly he looked up and waved to someone behind me (my back was to the door). You can imagine I was a little unnerved because I knew no one else was home but he clearly thought someone was there. The one time that really scared me was when my son refused to go to the toilet by himself because he said there was a lady down there. Me being the chicken that I am asked my partner to go down there with him. He took us both down there and pointed in front of the toilet saying that there was a lady there on the floor crying. Of course we looked and there was nothing there but then he said it was ok and that she had gone now. The whole time all this stuff was happening I pretended to him that it was all ok but I must admit I was pretty scared especially because I had grown up in a haunted house myself and had some scary incidents.

After a while things quieted down and my son didn't say much about the lady anymore except for the odd occasion. Flash forward now to a couple weeks before our eviction. Things had been pretty tense at the house because I knew my partner wasn't doing well but he wouldn't talk to me. One day I was walking from my bedroom to go out to the lounge room when I heard a little girl say right beside me "Mummy help me!" I turned with the motherly instinct thinking what's the matter and of course there was no one there. Now this voice was so clear that you would have thought someone was standing right beside you. I didn't for one second think of ghosts and thought perhaps the kids next door were playing outside so I stood there just listening. But there was only silence. I thought ok that's weird and then thought it was a little strange that they would be playing outside this early and in this weather anyway. I decided to just let it go and never mentioned it to my partner.

About a week later I was in the kitchen when I again heard a little girl's voice but this time I couldn't understand what she was saying. I began thinking this is a little odd and that maybe I was just feeling a little stressed with everything that was going on. A week after that my partner was home and we were watching an awards show on telly (there was nothing else on). We were just sitting there when off to the side of us I heard the same little girl voice say "Mummy". I just sat there and pretended I hadn't heard it when my partner looked at me and I realized he had heard it too. I kind of freaked a bit because I thought I was slowly going crazy but when he confirmed hearing it I realized this was really happening. He said he was going outside to have a smoke and asked if I wanted to come out with him and obviously with a quick response I reply "Hell yeah I'm not staying in here." When went outside he asked me why I was so freaked out so I finally admitted to him that it was not the first time I had heard the voice and told him about everything else that had happened.

It was roughly week later when we were evicted and on the last days of getting stuff I was staying at the house by myself while my partner was taking stuff to his parent's house. I felt a little uncomfortable about being there by myself especially since it was almost dark but I soon forgot about it and started removing the last of the stuff from our room out to the lounge room which is the first room you enter from the front door. I was looking around at all the crap on our bedroom floor when sudden I heard a voice of a child which sounded more like a little boy this time say "where are you going". Immediately I looked around the room which of course only had me in it and then freaked and ran down the hall into the lounge room and then out the door. I paced up and down the lounge room window and then noticed that a part of the curtain had been moved at the bottom like someone was looking through the window and thought "Man I don't want to be here." When my partner finally did come back I was still outside and I told him what happened. He stayed with me anytime I was in the house from that time on.

The final day that I was at the house nothing strange happened but I went into our bedroom and explained to whoever it was that had been talking to me that we had to leave the house because we had been told to and not because we wanted to. I let them know that I loved the house and loved being there. I realized that whoever the spirit was that was talking to me just wanted to let me know that they were around and that maybe I didn't have to feel alone when our family was going through everything. I hope that whoever that spirit was that they are happy and have good people come into their home and I know that I'll never forget them.

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