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Don't Ignore The French

Becky, Idaho, USA
August 2006

In March of this year I had the pleasure of going with a small group of students from our local high school to Paris. We had a wonderful time. The history of the area is extraordinary compared to our young America. Lots of ghosts. Cemetery's so full that the new dead can't be buried unless there is a family plot. You have to be cremated.

We traveled to Normandy to see Omaha Beach and visit the American cemetery there. We then stayed at a hotel in St. Malo which was a converted castle built in the 1300's by pirates.
While I was sleeping, I heard lots of voices. At first they were quiet, but constant and kind of irritating, but what do you expect from a hotel?.
The voices kept getting louder and more insistent, everything was spoken in French, until finally I heard this shout in my ear. It brought me straight up out of the bed. No one was in the room, and all was quiet, so I settled back to sleep. The next morning when I took my shower, I found a bruise in the shape of a perfect hand print on my thigh. I spoke to the desk clerk at breakfast and told her my experience. She said that she was not surprised. The castle had many ghosts, but the one I met up with could be unusually naughty if not paid attention to.
It doesn't pay to ignore the French, especially the French ghosts.

Becky, Idaho, USA
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