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Don't Leave

Sam, Yorkshire, UK
April 2007

Before I tell my story I would like to point out that I can understand why people might not believe what happened to me, I sometimes find it difficult to believe myself and I experienced it all. I can assure you it is 100% the truth but obviously how I interpreted these "events" at the time. I'm open to any suggestions about what might have been going on, as to be honest I'm not entirely sure what was in my house.

When I was 18 (I'm now 22) I got my first real job that paid decent wages. I'd never had so much money in my life, I didn't know what to do with it all! Around this time I started to argue with my parents about all the usual stuff (who I could go out with, what time I had to be in, etc etc!) I was a good teenager and have never done drugs or anything like that, but my mum can sometimes be a bit overprotective. I was sick of living at home and since I had this steady income and a good friend who was also looking for somewhere to live I decided it was time to get my own place.

Lauren (my housemate) and I started looking for a place to rent. We thought we had found the perfect place. The house was really small (less to clean!) and in a very expensive area of town. It was a tiny little terraced house with 2 bedrooms and 2 rooms downstairs, it had all wooden floors and a lovely new kitchen and was overpriced to say the least. Lauren fell in love with the place and decided we had to have it. We moved in 2 months before my 19th birthday. I have always been very close to my youngest sister Skye who was 11 at the time and she practically lived with us. It was Skye who first noticed something was "wrong" in the house.

It wasn't what you typically expect a haunted house to be, it was very modern inside and had only actually been built a few years before we rented it, so when Skye announced we had a ghost I actually laughed at her.

She had been downstairs alone and I heard a thud, so I shouted down to her not to touch any of Lauren's stuff as some of it was expensive. She said she hadn't touched anything, but a brush had just flown across the room and hit her on the head, and that we had a ghost that didn't like her much. I thought at the time it was a silly story to cover up the fact she had been messing with Lauren's stuff. Then I noticed that at night we would hear someone walking up and down the stairs when we were in the living room, which is not unusual in a terraced house but it struck me as odd that it would go on and on for hours at a time and stop immediately if someone was upstairs. I wasn't scared or threatened at all by this, just curious.

The next thing happened a few weeks after Skye announcing our visitor.

The kitchen window looked onto the back garden which was surrounded by a 6 foot fence with a heavy gate which we kept locked from the inside as some local kids kept coming in to stroke our newly adopted dog.
This one day I was washing pots and speaking to Lauren on my mobile phone about bills and the like when I saw an old lady in a pinny and a flowery dress with bright yellow gardening gloves on. She looked like she was weeding the garden as she kept bending down and she was a solid as every living person. I told Lauren I had to go as there was a lady in the garden who I thought was lost (and a bit crazy since our garden didn't have weeds, it had been paved over!) I really thought she was a confused old lady and I should take her home. I unlocked the back door (the only other way into the garden except the locked gate) and when I went out she was gone. The gate was locked, the fence as upright and sturdy as ever and there was nobody in sight. I couldn't believe what had just happened! I called Lauren straight back and told her what had happened and she came home from work to talk to me about it. I said I was happy to stay in the house as I still didn't feel uncomfortable and I thought if there was anything that wanted to hurt me it had already had plenty of chance when I was sleeping, since we had been in the house a couple of months at this point.

Later on that day, in the early evening when it was still very light, I was in the kitchen again when I looked in the garden and saw the most beautiful thing flying round. It was like a fluffy ball about as big as a dinner plate, kinda like when you blow a dandelion and the seeds fly away, only much bigger. It was twirling round the garden going round and round so slowly, not like it was on the wind, more like it was dancing! I watched it for a few seconds and started shouting for Lauren to come and see, as I did the dog started going mad barking at the back door growling and trying to smash through the door. The thing flew off behind the shed and when Lauren and I went out it was nowhere to be seen.
Later on, on the same day still, our stairs light bulb blew and we were now feeling a little disturbed by the weirdness of the day so when it was time for bed we decided that I should go upstairs and switch on one of the lights and then Lauren would turn off the living room light and come up, that way neither of us was ever in complete darkness.

I started going up the stairs (the bathroom was straight at the top of the stairs) and I noticed there was a little light in the bathroom. I stopped still on the stairs and watched a small ball of light very similar to the thing in the garden "dancing" around the bathroom. After a split second the ball of light stopped as if it had just seen me and flew really fast into my bedroom. I slept in there that night and had a lovely nights sleep. It was another couple of weeks before anything else happened.

Lauren had said before she could hear people whispering in her ear at night. It sounded like a lady but she couldn't understand what she was saying. This one morning she burst into my room sobbing her heart out and shaking like a leaf. When I finally calmed her down she explained that she understood what the voice was saying. It was repeating "don't leave" over and over to her. When she sat up in bed startled by the words she was hearing she could see herself in the mirror at the end of her bed but she could also see an old lady standing next to her, but when she looked to the side there was nobody there. She could only see the lady in the mirror. By this point Lauren was very unhappy about staying in the house and started packing our stuff. We only stayed for another week or so, but we slept in the same room and the house was always freezing cold. It was the middle of the summer by this point. It seemed the lady did not want us to go and since we started packing the house was angry. Doors would open and close by themselves, the front and back door would lock when there was no keys in them, my car keys went missing and never turned up even when everything was packed. We also started seeing lots of other things.

They were all shapes and sizes and completely black but 3 dimensional. They were blacker than black, Skye described them best. She said they were like they had been cut out of reality and they were just gaps or spaces, so we called them the nothings.

The nothings were around until we finally left. I did find a little out about the history of the house, but none of it could possibly explain the experiences we had. It was a new house that had been owned by a single man since brand new then he rented it to us, so no grizzly past that we were expecting!

If you would like to contact me about what the nothings or the beautiful floaty things were, or even just for more info if you have had a similar experience please feel free to do so.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Sam, Yorkshire, UK
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