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Don't Move

October 2006

Like every other night, I was getting into bed to drift into sleep. I was writing a little bit in my new journal when I realized that I was the only one awake in my house. My two younger brothers were there, but my parents were in another city for a conference taking place.
Now, I never liked to be the only one awake because that meant that I had to turn all the lights off in the house. I hate doing this for three reasons:
the darkness,
and anticipation.

I was slowly going downstairs when all of the sudden, my hair was yanked from behind. I let out a quick yell and almost fell down but luckily I caught the handrail. I was so scared that I ran all the way downstairs into the light gasping for breath. I looked around me and saw nothing. After I calmed down a bit, I quickly turned off the lights and sprinted as fast as I could upstairs and into my brother's room. I flicked the light on to see if they were ok. I found both of them fast asleep. So, I went back to my room very confused and scared.
I sat down on my bed and tried to get to sleep, but my mind was wondering off in thought about every possible answer to what had just happened. Eventually, I fell asleep, with the light on, from being so exhausted.
Later on, I woke up for no reason. The first thing I noticed was that the light was off. There was some obscure light because my eyes became adjusted to the darkness. I was facing a blank wall, which was about a foot from my face. Everything was in complete silence. I became anxious because I'm used to the outside sounds that comfort me because I know somebody is just right there. My house is right next to a road and usually I'll hear a car passing every now and then, but there was nothing passing at all to make any sound.
It was so quiet that I could loudly hear my own breathing and slow heartbeat. I was starting to calm down again when I heard very heavy footsteps outside my window. I listened more closely and suddenly they sounded like they were in the hallway. The footsteps sounded like something hard and sticky being pulled from a hard tile floor. In that moment, I was paralyzed with fear. I heard it walk very fast into my room and come straight toward my bed. When it got right next to my bed, it stopped. I had my eyes shut tightly and tears were slowly coming from my eyes because I was so terrified of what I might see if I turned over. I didn't hear anything for a while when suddenly, I heard my journal being opened. I knew it was my journal because it made the sound of the new plastic spine being stretched when being opened. It flipped through the pages periodically, as if it was reading. Then it started flipping the pages really like it was looking for something. Then, it stopped turning the pages. I was thinking maybe it was one of my brothers trying to read my journal. So I stopped breathing in order to hear some one else's breath. There was no breathing and the only sound I could hear was my heart pounding very fast. Out of nowhere, I hear the pages being slowly torn from the book and I let out a small whimper of surprise. The tearing suddenly stopped. I grasped my covers as I heard the footsteps coming toward me. Adrenaline hit me hard and fast. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran toward my light as I saw my journal thrown out into the hallway, barely missing my head. I switched on the light and yelled for my brothers. They both came dashing toward me with tears flooding their faces. I choked out, "Are you ok", and all they kept crying was, "We saw it, we saw it"!
The rest of that night, We all slept downstairs and waited for our parents to come home the next morning. My brothers told me that they had seen a tall skinny humanoid white figure walk from upstairs, into my parent's room, then into mine. They said it looked into their room. It looked like a child's face with no eyes, just round holes and a huge wide smile. I didn't even want to picture that.
We told our parents and they told us that there was nothing in the house and to just be careful about stuff like that.
I never wanted to go in my room again after that, but I eventually did when my parents came back.
My book was torn to shreds out in the hallway. All of my other books had been knocked off the shelf as well. I'm more curious than scared now about why it came looking into my room and reading my books or why it wanted to cause me harm. Either way, I never want something like that to happen ever again.

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