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Don't Play With Things You Don't Know

South Africa
August 2003

This is something that happened to my aunt on my mom’s side of the family.

Here we have a game where you take a mirror, write the alphabet, number it from 0-9 & put yes & no on the mirror. You then take a small & light glass to use as a pointer. This works on the same principle as an Ouija board.

My mom always told me never to play this game & use to be very graphic in the "torture" session I will have should I do this. Subsequently I never bothered with the game myself & after reading some of the stories on this site from people who played with the Ouija or something similar I’m glad that I never did. What happened to my aunt also gives me reason to breath a sigh of relief.

My uncle was a full-blown alcoholic till the day he died. He was sent away by the courts to a rehab. hospital very far from home. My aunt decided that she would like to play this game to ask if things will get better. She was playing this game with her two daughters. She originally wanted to speak to my grandpa, but she wound up speaking to my grandma. My grandma refused to let somebody else come through.

They started taunting her & surprise (?) the glass flew off the mirror. I’m not sure if they stopped playing after this or continued for a while longer. This was the consequences of her actions.

Her dining room was to the right of her kitchen. Her house phone was kept in the dining room. She would speak to my mom over the phone & you would just hear her new "lodger" banging away in the kitchen. He or she or it would start unpacking the pots out of the closet & it would sound like he is using it as a drum kid. This would happen during the day when her youngest daughter would be in school & the oldest would be at work. She would be alone.

The one wall of her garage is against the kitchen wall. This is always locked & there is no way into it besides going through the door where you drive in & out with your car. You would be chatting away in the kitchen & just hear somebody knock on the wall from the garage.

There would be a shadowy figure (of a man they think) watching you. Other things also use to happen, but these events stick in my mind.

After my uncle was released from rehab he went back to his old ways. He never could kick the habit. It eventually caused him to loose his job & later he killed himself. My aunt has sold the home since then, so there is no way for me to say whether or not this is still happening.

I hope you enjoyed this story.

South Africa
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