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Donkey Lady Bridge

Roger Faz, TX, USA
May 2005

This story was originally told to me when I was in 6th grade. Its an old legend here in my hometown of San Antonio, TX.
Here it goes:

Story goes that this lady lived in the almost outskirts of San Antonio. She had a donkey who she loved almost like a family member. This was around the 40's or 50's. Like many people who keep to themselves, many people didn't like her very much. But she didn't care, everyday she would always walk her usual path, down Applewhite Road, past the bridge, and down to the old grass field past the bridge. She would let her donkey just graze up and down for hours and hours. Then she would take the same way back to her house.

One day, a small child, about 4 or 5 years old, told his dad that the donkey that belonged to the old ''lady'', had bitten him. So, the father and a couple of other men waited for her in the woods next to the bridge. Their plan was to take the donkey and make sure it didn't have rabies or anything that was harmful to the child.

As she passed, the men leaped out of the woods and tried to take the rope that the lady had in her hand that was tied to the donkey. As she struggled with them, the donkey lost his footing and slipped into the stream that flowed under the bridge. The men had to hold her back as she tried to jump in the stream after her donkey. But all she could do is watch her beloved donkey get carried away by the stream. After letting her go, the men just laughed in her face, mocking the sounds of the donkey as it cried for help. They were walking away, when the lady started throwing rocks at them. She hit one man and knocked him out, thats when the other men grabbed her and threw her into the stream. They say she must of drowned, because when she hit the water her body never floated to the top.

Legend has it that when you park your car next to the bridge at night with your lights off, her spirit gets angry because she thinks you are there waiting like the men were to get her donkey.

They say the first thing you hear is hoofs clanking on the floor, then if you don't leave after the hoofs stop clanking, rocks get thrown at your car from all directions.

The only experience I had with this was really frightening.

I was there with my friend in his car. We where just passing by when he suggested that we park next to ''donkey lady bridge''. We were parked for almost 15 or 20 minutes when I looked at my friend and saw a pale color in his face. He whispered to me, ''Look at the side view mirror on your side.'' As I looked at it, someone or something was tilting the mirror up, down, and side to side. We were both stiff and couldn't move. Finally the mirror stopped moving after about 30 seconds, what happened next was the thing that scared us half to death.

After the mirror stopped moving, we felt like something landed on the trunk of my friends car. Something so heavy, that the whole car bobbed up and down for a couple of seconds. "Thats it!", I told my friend, "lets get the hell out of here!". So he started up the car and we sped out of there.

Once we got to town, we stopped at a gas station and checked the trunk of his car. What I saw on his trunk still haunts me to this day. We saw two dents in the trunk, like if the ''donkey'' had raised up on his hind legs and let his two fronts legs crash down on the trunk.

The experience I swear is the truth. For proof, my friend still has the trunk with the two ''hoof'' prints. He replaced his trunk about two weeks after the incident. But he kept the dented trunk in his garage.

Never again will I mess with that again. Once is enough for me.

Roger Faz, TX, USA
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