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Doppelganger (1)

Neil Mitchell, Glasgow, Scotland
March 1998

This isn't actually my own ghost story, but my mothers.

My mother was raised in County Cavan, Ireland, round about 50 years ago. Round about her eleventh birthday, on a midsummers afternoon, she noticed the figure of a woman standing next to a tree on her fathers land. The figure had somehow vanished before she had got to close, but before it had, she saw that it was dressed all in brown.That night she had spent the night at her friends house,only to arrive back at her home to the sight of a hearse-carriage. My grandmother had died during the night, and when my mother saw her before being taken to the graveyard, she was greeted with a sight which put her in shock. My granny was lying in her bed wearing a brown burial shroud identical to that which my mother had seen the figure in the field wearing the previous day! It was not until my 12th birthday that my mother had told me the story. It was only then, through having researched the paranormal a few years before that I was able to tell her that what she witnessed was an apparition of a doppleganger.This is German for "Double-Image", and is a term used to describe a mirror image of someone who is about to die or who is in grave danger.

Neil Mitchell, Glasgow, Scotland
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